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7-Year-Old Highest Paid YouTube Star Gets His Own TV Show





He’s one of the most popular YouTube celebrities of our time and he’s making millions of dollars every year by making toy unboxing videos. He’s also one of the youngest.

7-year-old Ryan is the star of his own YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview where he has over 18 million subscribers and more than 27 billion views. Now Nickelodeon just gave him his own television show.

Ryan’s Mystery Playdate will feature Ryan along with his family, and a group of animated characters solving mysteries together and having playdates.

In a statement, Nickelodeon president Brian Robbins said:

“Ryan is a kid who happens to be one of YouTube’s towering giants, with millions of followers who are going to love seeing him and his family on Nickelodeon in a totally new and fun way. Unboxing is just the start of the new adventures fans can expect from Ryan’s Mystery Playdate on Nick, and we’re excited to be working with to bring this series to our audience.”’s Chief Content Officer Albie Hecht added:

“We’re thrilled that our friends at Nickelodeon recognize the power and popularity of Ryan and the characters that inhabit his world with him. Over the last year launched Ryan’s World books, games and consumer products to great success so a TV show with Nickelodeon is the natural next step in propelling Ryan to true global franchise status.”

Since Ryan ToysReview launched in 2015, the channel has become one of the biggest YouTube channels in the world, averaging over a billion views every month. In addition to unboxing toys, the channel also features fun, easy science experiments for kids as well as videos that document his family life with his parents and younger twin sisters.

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According to NickALive, Ryan’s Mystery Playdate is scheduled to premiere this April 19 and will have 20 episodes

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