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‘Lazy Bulldog’ Surprises Crowd With His Lightning-Fast Speed During Agility Contest

Mark Andrew





Looks, as they say, can be quite deceiving. As we can learn from the story below, that famous adage applies not only to humans but to animals as well.

One bulldog named Rudy recently proved that despite stereotypes associated with the breed, he can actually be pretty fast. In fact, crowd members watching the Westminster Kennel Club Masters Agility competition witnessed his incredible speed with their own eyes – and now the internet can’t get enough of this amazing canine!

With its reputation as one of the biggest agility shows, the competition shows dogs running and crawling through several obstacles. In most cases, dog breeds that successfully conquer such a contest include Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Poodles, and small Terriers.

So you can just imagine everyone’s surprise when Rudy, a chunky English Bulldog, suddenly zoomed pass the course, displaying his admirable swiftness.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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As anyone can expect, Rudy’s video has since gone viral online and now he’s officially become a social media darlin. He has also been featured in several news websites and netizens everywhere are just impressed with his skills.

One woman shared about her pet bulldog:

“The only time Wally moves like this is when he has something in his mouth he’s not supposed to have.”

Another fan commented:

“Rudy the bulldog is my Monday motivation.”

Someone also said:

“A bulldog doing agility is a marvelous sight.”

The canine clocked in a final time of 46.63 seconds (51.63 with faults) at the annual agility contest, which is slower compared with the winner Verb the Border Collie who finished off at 32.05 seconds.

Rudy may not have won the competition but he definitely won everyone’s hearts. He’s now the internet’s favorite underdog.

Like everyone, we sure hope to see more of Rudy soon. Best of luck to you in your future contests, buddy!

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