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Rude Man Creeps Out His Date, Off-Duty Police Intervenes

A Redditor shares a true to life story about an off-duty cop that saved a young lady from her creepy date.

As a man, having an assertive personality is one thing, but being a downright douchebag is totally different; especially on a date. This is the subject of a Reddit user’s story about the worst “nice guy” he encountered a year ago.

According to the Reddit user that goes by the handle ThrowAwayForPancakes, he was having a dinner with his girlfriend that time when he overheard the discussion of a couple behind them. Based on what he heard that time, the date of the two wasn’t going great. What’s more disturbing was that the guy was straight up creeping his date out by making inappropriate comments.

There was no denying it, the girl was uncomfortable.

Source: Pixabay
When the Redditor was about to intervene, an old man put a hand on his shoulder and assured him that he got it.

Source: Pixabay

The old man turned out to be an off-duty police officer peacefully celebrating his daughter’s birthday in that restaurant. It was turning out to be a bad day for the creep because the old man didn’t like the way he talked to his date.

Oozing with disapproval, the old man approached them on their table, presented his badge, and confronted the rude man.


Things became ten times more interesting during this part. According to the Reddit user, the whole confrontation happened like this:

Cop: “So, I’m quietly celebrating my daughters birthday with my family when I distinctly hear you threaten this young lady, would you care to explain yourself?”

Guy: “I, ah, well, um, you see..”

Cop: “That’s what I thought. Now see, we take a very dim view of that kind of thing, so right now I’m deciding if I want to have some of my buddies come pick you up.”
Guy: “oh no well that…”

Cop: “But that would disrupt everyone’s dinner, so how about you hand me your ID, because I wouldn’t want you running off on me, then you go see one of the staff here and settle your bill.. the full bill now, this young lady shouldn’t go hungry on account of your poor behaviour. Or we can go with the first option, I’ll leave it up to you.”

Guy: “No no! That’s perfectly fine!” *hands over ID gets up and walks very quickly in the direction of the counter*

Cop: *while writing down the guys details* “Sorry about that miss, I hope I’m not intruding it just seemed like you could use some help. Oh and don’t worry, if you want to pursue this further I’ll have some of the boys pick him up on his way home, we can definitely take this further.”

Girl: “No, thank you so much, I wanted to run out 30 minutes ago but he drove me here”.

Cop: *shifts from hardarse cop to comforting father figure in about half a second* “Well I’m here with my daughter, she’s about your age, perhaps you’d like to finish your meal with us? We can run you home afterward if you’d like, unless you’d prefer to call someone else?”

Girl: “Oh.. that would be really nice.. thank you so much!”

*guy returns, so does the hardarse cop*

Guy: “Uh so, I’ve paid the bill, if I could have my ID back..”.

Cop: “There you go.. now I have your details right here so I highly recommend you don’t go near or contact this young lady ever again.”

Guy: “Yes yes of course, I’m so sorry!”

Well, based on that account alone, it appears like justice prevailed that night.

Even better, the police officer invited the girl to join them on their celebration afterwards. What a legend!

It’s really nice to hear that people like that still exist in this world. More power to that police officer and his family.


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