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Over 300 Passengers Mysteriously Get Stomach Illness On Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

“It was just terrifying. Just the amount of people that were coming in at the same time with vomiting and diarrhea and just looked ghastly,” one passenger described.

A Royal Caribbean cruise ship recently returned to Florida after hundreds of its passengers fell sick due to experiencing gastrointestinal illness. According to several reports, 332 cases were reported during the 5-night cruise.

This has been officially confirmed by Owen Torres, a spokesperson for the Royal Caribbean. He was likewise quick to point out that it was a small percentage (5.99%) compared with the over 5,000 passengers and crew onboard the Independence of the Seas ship.

332 passengers experienced stomach illness while aboard the Independence of the Seas ship.

Source: Facebook

Torres shared:

“Those affected by the short-lived illness were treated by our ship’s doctors with over-the-counter medication and we hope all our guests feel better quickly.”

The cause of the sickness remains undetermined at the moment.

Source: Facebook

In an interview, Tracy Flores, mother of a 15-year-old boy who got sick during the trip, described what she exactly witnessed.

She said:

“It was just terrifying. Just the amount of people that were coming in at the same time with vomiting and diarrhea and just looked ghastly.”

Meanwhile, some passengers believe that the number of sick people onboard was significantly higher than what the Royal Caribbean reported.

Watch the short video report here:

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Marsha Homuska, one of the passengers, said:

“We talked to plenty of people who said that they were too sick to even make it down to the (ship’s) medical facility.”

As of this reporting, Torres has ensured that Royal Caribbean is already “taking steps like intensive sanitary procedures to minimize the risk of any further issues,” and that the ship will “undergo special additional cleaning procedures before it departs on its next cruise.”

He likewise added:

“We encouraged our guests and crew to wash their hands often, which health experts recommend as the best defense against stomach viruses, which each year affect as many as 300 million people worldwide.”

Check this out for additional information:

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50 Epic Baby Face Swaps That Turned Out To Be Hilariously Horrific!

“My wife is gonna kill me!”

Remember Jake Marshall? That guy went viral on social media when he shared the funny photos he took as he visited the British Museum in London with his girlfriend. Apparently, he thought using the FaceSwap app while taking photos beside statues would be a brilliant idea. The results turned out to be creepy and hilarious at the same time!

If you enjoyed his pics (you can still check it out here, in case you still haven’t seen them), we do not doubt that you will also love the photos we have in store for you this time.

In this wacky compilation, we see what happens when adults and babies (along with cats, pillows, and whatnots!) do the FaceSwap. As with Jake’s efforts, we realize the outcome are indeed extremely entertaining....

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Man Beats Girlfriend’s Son ‘To Teach Him A Lesson’ For Opening Christmas Gift Early

Mom came home to see her son with bruises and a cut on the head.

Most kids just can’t resist opening presents under the tree before Christmas. For five-year-old Ayrian, sneaking a gift from the tree resulted in cuts and bruises, which his mom’s boyfriend gave him.

Twenty-two-year-old Wesley McCollum has been arrested in Okmulgee after he beat up his girlfriend’s son. McCollum laid a hand on the little boy as a punishment and a way to “teach him a lesson” after he opened one of the gifts under the tree. Ayrian’s mom, Bridgette Payne, then called the police on him.

Bridgette came home from an errand to see her boy looking like this.


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Teen Boy Dies After Getting Bitten By Pet Cobra And Posting About It Online

He was an avid snake collector.

A 14-year-old boy and avid snake collector from Bundung Regency in Indonesia's West Java province recently passed away after getting bitten by his pet cobra. The young boy even posted about the incident to his social media account to ask for help from his contacts. But 12 hours later, the boy, who was only identified as Aril, died.

The Indonesian teenager, while trying to take a photo of his pet snake, was bitten on his arm. Aril posted photos of his pet cobra and his wounded arm to his WhatsApp account.

The first photo posted by Aril shows the snake looking like it is ready to attack.


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