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This Man Is On A Mission To Mow Lawns For Strangers Throughout ALL 50 States





Rodney Smith Jr is aiming to visit all 50 states across America for one good reason – he wants to provide free lawn mowing services for those in need. As a result, a lot of people have been praising him for his efforts and his inspiring story eventualy gained viral fame online.

Many news sources have since noticed his selfless act of offering free yardwork for those who couldn’t do the task for themselves. It sounds like a simple thing but according to Rodney, he does it not only to keep yards clean but to make people feel that they are loved.

Rodney Smith Jr is making a difference, one lawn at a time.

Source: Twitter

Upon checking out his Twitter page, you’ll often see him posting the same message:

“If you know of anyone who is elderly, disabled, a single mother or a veteran who needs their lawn mower let me know. It’s free.”

Since establishing non-profit organization Raising Men Lawn Care Service, Smith has been inspiring others to do the same thing.

Source: Twitter

In one tweet, he shared:

“Everyone meet Joel he lives in Montgomery,AL and wanted to come out to make a difference today with me . He came with his riding mower as well . We are the dream team for the day ! When I come to your city and if you want to come out let me know!”

Both adults and youth have volunteered to provide free services in their neighborhood by mowing lawns, shoveling snow, and raking leaves, among others.

Smith came up with “The 50 Yard Challenge” and challenged kids across the US to mow 50 lawns for needy people.

Source: Twitter
He not only took the challenge himself but took it to a higher level, making it “50 Yards in 50 States Challenge.”

Source: Twitter
As a result, he has been making lots of people happy.

Source: Twitter
Plus he gets to make new friends across the country.

Source: Twitter
He’s been helping widows…

Source: Twitter
The elderly…

Source: Twitter
.. And of course, the veterans.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Rodney Smith Jr is indeed a source of inspiration for many.

Now watch this video feature here:

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To follow Rodney’s lawn mowing adventures, go check him out on Twitter.

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