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App Allows You To Play With Cute Chinese Gamers For A Fee

Mark Andrew





Lonely gamers can now hire other players to join them in their quests, thanks to “game companion” services now being offered in China through Taobao, the country’s most popular shopping app, for the first time. Now interested individuals can browse Taobao in case they don’t want to play by themselves.

For example, there’s Miui, a college graduate 21-year-old lady, who charges around $US10 an hour. On busy days, she says she makes up to $1,000 yuan (US$144) per day.

Of course, it is worth-noting that Taobao isn’t the first to offer the said service in China as there has already been several other platforms before them. For once, there’s the Bixin game companion app where players can pick what games they want to play and when they want to play it – and then available game companions will get in touch with them.

Source: Bixin

Xinmei Shen, a female writer from Abacus News, shared what it’s like to use the service for the first time.

We read:

“I signed up for an account as a male user. While I didn’t specify a gender preference for my companion, my request to play PUBG Mobile was immediately greeted by a number of women. They all happen to have large doe eyes, including one named “Your flirty girlfriend Cher”. Their opening lines often say they are skillful at the game, and that they have a lovely personality and a sweet voice.”

The writer likewise shared that she soon discovered that “gaming isn’t the only service offered” since there are other options in the app such as “emotion consulting”, “virtual lover”, and “tuck-you-in-bed radio”, where people also charge their clients for specific services.

For the most part, clients and companions limit their interactions to gaming since requests for meeting offline are not granted. In certain platforms, inappropriate messages and video chats are also not allowed.

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