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Heartwarming Footage Shows Soldier Disguised As Santa Claus To Surprise His Kids At School





If this doesn’t make you cry, I don’t know what else will. A military dad from Utah just made a grand comeback to his family after being deployed overseas for almost a year. What’s interesting in his return, however, was how he did it.

During an event at the Riverview Elementary School, Staff Sergeant Lambert entered the room while donning a Santa Claus costume. Every kid was happy to see the beloved Christmas character but no one had a clue who was hiding underneath the red suit.

Well, no one except for a few school staffers, of course.

The program host announced jolly Saint Nick’s entrance and he danced to popular Christmas song “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” Afterwards, the host asked for volunteers and every kid raised their hands to get the opportunity to meet Santa.

Lambert’s two children were picked.

Shortly thereafter, the teacher said:

“Our Santa has a secret. Do you know what Santa’s secret is? Santa isn’t Santa. Santa is Mr. Lambert.”

That was the soldier’s cue to reveal his identity – much to the surprise of his delighted kids. The family hugged and the school gave them a standing ovation.

This is really heartwarming and a guaranteed tearjerker.

You can watch the video here:

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Christmas is definitely all about families.

Big thumbs up to Riverview for being part of this joyful reunion. Also, kudos to you, Mr. Lambert, for serving your country.

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