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Terrifying Footage Shows Canadian Hunter Being Attacked By Black Bear

He punched the animal right in the snout and – fortunately – he lived to tell the tale.


Encounters with a bear aren’t only scary – they can be life-threatening as well. There are, however, some lucky and brave people who manage to survive and tell the tale.

Remember 61-year-old Rick Nelson? He’s that guy who had a fistfight with a huge black bear after he was attacked by the animal while walking his dog. He walked away with several scratches on his face and shoulder from the terrifying incident.

Now another ‘man versus bear’ story has recently been making rounds on the interwebs and, like Nelson’s experience, it also happened in Ontario, Canada.

It was a typical day for hunter Richard Westley when, all of a sudden, he saw a large bear wandering around the area. He took his camera and started filming. Not long after that, the animal started moving towards his direction.

The black bear began attacking Wesley.

Source: YouTube

The hunter tried to scare the animal away with a loud voice and with his bow but to no avail.

Eventually, he was left without a choice and punched the animal right in the snout, acting “on pure instinct,” as the Rare website described it.

Watch the terrifying footage of the encounter here:

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As you have seen on the video, Wesley dropped the camera after delivering the solid punch. Fortunately, he was able to pick it up later on although he suffered a slight elbow bruise as the bear knocked him down.

Wesley later wrote:

“I am so happy after this confrontation with a black bear during our spring hunt. No wounds except a bruised elbow and ego where the bear threw me down.”

In the clip, the hunter can also be heard saying “I should have shot him a long time ago.”

Source: YouTube

The video has since gone viral since it was uploaded online, earning mixed reactions from netizens – with some praising him for being a ‘badass’ and others making fun of his ‘archery skills’.


Mugger Monkeys in Bali Hold Tourists’ Items for Ransom in Exchange for Food

Researchers are studying whether or not this is a cultural activity.

A certain population of monkeys in Bali has been puzzling and fascinating researchers. Scholars have found that the light-fingered, long-tailed macaques at one of the most popular temples on the island have been stealing tourists' possessions and holding them for ransom.

The monkeys would reportedly keep the items until they are offered food. Some even act very picky and only give back the poor tourists' possessions after receiving their choice of fruits. This robbing and bartering behavior has been causing researchers to wonder whether or not the monkeys' thieving is a cultural activity.

Monkeys at a famous temple in Bali are holding tourists' possessions for ransom - food.

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Newly Discovered Dinosaur Looked a Lot Like a Chicken

It was smaller than the average man, too.

A new species of dinosaur had recently been discovered by a team of paleontologists in Liaoning, China, and this one looked an awful lot like a chicken. The team found a remarkably well-preserved, 125-million-year-old fossilized skeleton of the three-foot long animal. It's called the Jianianhualong tengi, and it lived during the Cretaceous period.

The feathered dinosaur now represents the earliest known common ancestor of birds, as well as of the closely related bird-like dinosaurs. Nature Communications documents the new discovery, which offers new insights into the evolution of feathers and flight.

A newly discovered species of dinosaur looked a lot like a chicken.

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