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Human Semen May Be Hiding A Deadly Secret

Your semen might be harboring deadly viruses.

Researchers discovered something that would absolutely make men out there unhappy – unfortunately, there’s a big chance that semen can be a carrier of a lethal package. According to the experts, their most recent studies revealed that semen can carry at least 27 different types of viruses.

Furthermore, their research also states that it is possible that these viruses found in semen are playing a huge part in spreading diseases.

The experts made the discovery after the outbreak of Zika virus.

Source: Pixabay

According to the reports, their finding surfaced after their discovery of Zika virus’ ability to survive for six months in semen.

This unexpected discovery left the experts baffled.

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In the University of Oxford, two researchers conducted experiments from the initial findings and attempted to research more viruses that could potentially survive in semen. Unfortunately, this yielded them with no results.

However, after running some tests, they discovered that there have been at least 27 viruses in the sample semen.

Source: Pixabay

Furthermore, they also discovered that at least 11 of those managed to survive in the testicles. They decided to publish their surprising discovery in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

The discovery is shocking. Before all these, we believed that there are only a few types of lethal agents that can be found in semen like HIV and hepatitis. This discovery added a slew of new things to the mix, causing the experts to frown in confusion.

However, despite all these, the authors admitted that they still don’t have enough evidence to jump to a definitive conclusion. They are still not fully aware of the original state of the owner of the semen and the possibility that he’s just immunosuppressed which can also easily allow him to harbor viruses in his testicles.

Regardless though, this alarming news is indeed worth studying. Hopefully, our experts manage to come up with the official explanation regarding this terrible news in the near future.


Japanese Reporter Dies After Working Overtime for 159 Hours

Apparently, too much work can kill you.

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Here's a word of warning, however, for those who are working too much: it can actually be deadly.

Too much work can kill you.

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Grandma Makes Hilarious Mistake By Buying Adult Book For 6-Year-Old Granddaughter

She thought it was just a children’s book about funny animals. She couldn’t be more wrong!

When we go the bookstore to buy books for our kids, we usually take our time to make sure that our youngsters will get something good out what they ought to read. But when we are in a hurry, we skip flipping the pages and simply pick the ones with most attractive cover. And that’s where our biggest mistake happens.

The hilarious story of a grandmother buying the “wrong” book for her granddaughter can be a good example to this. Six-year-old, Emmersyn, felt overjoyed when her grandmother gave her an animal-themed picture book for a present. But as she goes through the supposed “story,” she discovered several words that she could not even understand.

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100 Million-Year-Old Virus Discovered In The Blood Of Pregnant Women

A new research revealed that ancient viruses are actually embedded on our genome.

Not trying to rustle any jimmies out there or anything, but the latest research revealed that several ancient viruses is actually embedded in our genome. Yes, it’s true, and considering our standard genetic blueprints containing various DNA fingerprints from all sorts of manner of creatures, it is actually not surprising at all.

But still, discovering viruses hiding inside our system all along? It’s pretty alarming. It's not every day that we find out that a harmful element actually managed to successfully infiltrate our system and conceal itself from us for millions of years.

100 million years ago, a virus infected our ancestors and stayed within mankind’s DNA ever since.

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