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7 Signs a Man is Undateable According to a Woman Who’s Seen It All

Despite what you might think, a stripper might be in the right position to tell you’re dating someone you shouldn’t.

Elle Stanger is a stripper, a feminist, an activist, and a mother who has seen it all. In her job as an entertainer in Portland, Oregon, she has seen all sorts of men, both good and bad. And she’s ready to dish out some advice on the types of men you should not be dating.

1. He doesn't listen to you.

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A man who doesn’t listen to you is only interested in sleeping with you. He doesn’t care about your thoughts and feelings. But if you do find a man who hangs on to your every word and remembers what you say, then that’s the kind of man worth-dating.

2. He can't stand bodily functions.

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Women fart, sneeze, poop, pee, and have periods. Men know this. But if he complains about your bodily functions as if you have no right to have them, that’s a huge red flag.

3. He only likes you when you look great.

Surprise, surprise! If the man you’re with only wants to be around you when you’re all made up, he likes only what your body can offer and nothing else.

4. He doesn't admit his mistakes.

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We all make mistakes and being able to own up to our mistakes is a sign of maturity. Dating a man who can’t muster up the balls to say sorry is like dating a bratty teenager who thinks they’re always right.

5. He says all his exes are crazy.

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Think about it: the common factor in all his failed relationships is him. There’s a huge chance that he’s the problem, not his exes.

6. He says "I love you" too soon.

There’s no way anyone can genuinely love another person within a couple of days of meeting them. At best, that’s just infatuation, and man who says otherwise might not have the emotional maturity to tell the difference.

7. He doesn't live within his means.

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It’s better to date a guy who lives a simple lifestyle than a guy who looks like a million bucks but owes the bank just as much.

Elle Stanger has a lot more nuggets of wisdom on her site. Go check it out!


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