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Can Regular Intercourse Permanently Loosen The Vagina?

Women get shamed at times for not being “tight.”


It’s such a wonder when you think about how flexible a woman’s vagina is. Think about it: It can accommodate different sizes of penis. There’s also the fact that such a small hole can become a passageway for some six-pound baby.

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Some women, though, may worry about the size of their lady parts, especially if they have regular sexual intercourse. So does regular sex really stretch out the vagina permanently? Fortunately, gynecologists have provided the answer to this hotly-debated question. The answer? Yes and No.

Women tend to feel insecure about the tightness of their vagina.

This is especially true for those women who have regular sex.
But according to experts, regular sex does not have an effect on the vagina’s size. Nor the size of the male organ.

The “vag” is an extremely resilient and flexible organ, gynecologists said. It may stretch to accommodate different sizes of manhood, but naturally, it bounces back to its original size. However, there’s an exception for a woman who has had sex for the first time. Michelle Metz, M.D. explained to Women’s Health on this matter:

“Generally a band of tissue called the hymen will break or tear which can sometimes lead to mild bleeding and the vaginal opening increases in size.”

Women can also be shamed a lot for having “loose” vagina. Some men would ridicule women who are no longer that “tight.” But Dr. Metz explained that sex alone cannot permanently stretch the organ and it gets back to the original size after intimacy is over.

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Sex may not have a permanent effect on the flexibility of the lady bits, but experts say that there are other factors that do. Dr. Clare Morrison explained that having multiple children can affect the tightness.

“Admittedly, giving birth to multiple children can have somewhat of an effect. The vaginal opening will stretch with childbirth, but will gradually shrink back again to some extent. The degree to which it returns to ‘normal’ depends on genetic factors, in just the same way that women vary in how prone they are to stretch marks or scarring.”

If you’re so worried about being tight, what’s the solution then? Dr. Morrison explained that a woman’s tightness doesn’t depend on the vaginal opening, but on the pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, exercising those pelvic floor muscles is one way of making sure you maintain the “tightness.”


Spanking Only Creates More Behavioral Issues in Kids, According to New Study

The study reinforces the idea that spanking is and will never be an effective technique for disciplining kids.

You probably can still remember the way your parents disciplined you in the past. They could have done it through words or perhaps, the most common of all, they spanked you. In our modern world today, however, the term spanking comes with a bad rap. And everywhere it gets tossed, people come out and suggest different views.

Interestingly, over the past few years, researchers have gathered all scientific evidence suggesting that spanking could only make a child’s behavior worse. This was courtesy of a team of psychologists at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Virginia. They found out that kids who got spanked by their parents were more likely to acquire behavioral problems.

A new study suggests that spanking can only create behavioral issues.

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Oldest Depictions of Dogs Show Them Wearing Leashes and Helping Humans Hunt

The images only prove that humans were already training and domesticating dogs in archaic times.

Researchers have always believed that dogs were once considered a wild animal and that their looks and built were not similar to how they look now. However, experts are now close to finding the truth behind these creatures.

Somewhere in the northern part of Saudi Arabia, the researchers obtained what appears to be the earliest depiction (engraved) of dogs. While it is interesting in some ways, experts are still not convinced of it.

One of the images depicting the earliest forms of dogs.

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Excruciatingly Painful Bullet Ant Glove Test in Brazil Welcomes Young Men Into Adulthood

The pain doesn’t end after the glove has been removed.

Every country has its own tradition of welcoming young people into adulthood. There are the likes of a bar mitzvah for Jewish boys or a celebration for a girl’s sweet sixteen. Some parents would allow their children to experience things on their own to let them survive through adulthood.

In some parts of the world, however, particularly in the Amazon, a coming-of-age ceremony for one tribe requires a young man to be subjected to an unimaginable pain - stings from bullet ants. This ceremony has been practiced by the indigenous Sateré-Mawé tribe of the Amazon rainforest to teach young men about suffering and to prepare them for all the dangers in the jungle.

The bullet ant is an ant species that is believed to produce the most painful sting among insects.

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