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Pretty Plates Reveal Hidden Masterpieces When You Pour Soy Sauce Into Them

You will want to collect all four designs!


Most people probably don’t think too much about the presentation when it comes to their dipping sauce. However, a Japanese online shop has made sure you will never want to serve your soy sauce in a plain little dish. The company creates pretty plates that look normal on their own. However, these tiny dishes actually reveal stunning hidden masterpieces when you finally pour in the sauce.

ReDeStu specializes in original products created using a 3D printer. One of their most popular products are the Photoreal Soy Sauce Dishes that comes in four amazing designs. Each plate is truly special as the designs immediately pop out as soon as you pour the soy sauce.

Pouring soy sauce just got a lot cuter!

According to ReDeStu, they used a 3D printer to “create a prototype” for a particular design. They would then cast it into a mold using bright white porcelain. In addition to that, they make sure that the glaze is very thin so the design will be visible once the soy sauce is poured into the dish.

The plates look very pretty on their own and you can get an idea of what the design looks like. However, the magic truly happens when the sauce is added.

There are four different designs to choose from. You can get the torii of the famous Itsukushima Shrine or an adorable kitten. The company also offers a gorgeous plate featuring Mount Fuji or a husky puppy but both designs are currently sold out.

You can follow ReDeStu on Instagram to see more of their amazing products.

Watch how the designs come to life below:

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