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Couple Ties The Knot Wearing Shirts And Jeans To Prove Weddings Don’t Have To Cost A Fortune

A wedding isn’t all about the glamour – but the love between the bride and groom.

  • Glen and Rebecca Maxwell went viral after proving that weddings do not have to be expensive.
  • The couple wore shirts and jeans on their big day.
  • Netizens have since praised the pair for being practical and focusing on what matters most – the celebration of their love.

Weddings these days have mostly become extremely expensive. Just try asking any married couple about how much they’ve spent on their own wedding and you’d likely be shocked and surprised!

With that said, we’d be the first to say it’s always refreshing when we hear stories about couples who go against extravagant modern traditions to focus on what matters most – the love between the couple.

Meet the bride and groom!

Glen and Rebecca Maxwell recently gained a lot of attention after their wedding photos went viral on social media. As seen in the pictures, the couple skipped traditional gowns and tuxedos but instead wore shirts, jeans, and trainers on their big day. The couple rocked their comfy outfits not only during the ceremony but also in the reception.

According to the Maxwells, they’ve been planning their wedding since they got engaged in 2016. Like most couples, they were aiming for a grand celebration – and it got stressful as they had to do a lot of research and budgeting for everything.

One comment from Glen, however, changed all that when he suddenly told Rebecca one night:

“We could get married in jeans and T-shirts and I’d still love you.”

It was a light bulb moment for the pair!

So instead of having their wedding at a farm as they initially planned, they did it at the Darlington town hall instead. Afterwards, they proceeded to the Center Parcs Whinfell Forest for a simple dinner. They didn’t even have a fancy wedding cake since they only got some cupcakes and a sheet cake with their picture.

And yes, the practical couple also ditched the lengthy guest list and simply invited 40 of their close friends and family members.

As Rebecca shared:

“I want to show other brides that if they don’t have a big budget, it doesn’t matter… As long as you marry the person you love, surrounded by people you love, your day will be special.”


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