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26 Bizarre Inventions You Have to Admit Are Pretty Useful





Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a new bizarre product makes it to the market. How? We can only guess it’s because of novelty or functionality – or both.

While some products seem strange at first, some of them may actually be worth a second look. Give these bizarre inventions a chance and they might surprise you.

1. Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager

Source: Amazon

Before you say anything, this is actually helpful in toning the breasts.

2. Ping Pong Door

Make your house parties more fun.

3. Pizza Scissors/Spatula

Source: Amazon

Anything that makes eating easier is good with us.

4. Beard Beanie

Keep warm in style.

5. Babygro Mop

This baby is helping out in the house like it’s nothing.

6. Instant Six-Pack Abs Creator

Talk about a quick fix.

7. Boyfriend Arm Pillow

Source: Amazon

For those cold lonely nights.

8. Baby Bath Visor

Source: Amazon

No more tears!

9. LED Slippers

Keep your toes safe in the dark.

10. Water-Shooting Umbrella

Source: Alex Wooley

When you’re serious about business but a bit of a prankster, too.

11. Duck Bill Dog Muzzle

Source: OPPO

Let’s hope they don’t experience identity crisis.

12. Sleeping Bag Suit

Source: Amazon

It looks so comfy!

13. Dog Umbrella

Source: Amazon

Because your pooch deserves the best.

14. Walking-Powered Bike

Source: FLIZ

We don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s supposed to help you break a sweat.

15. Piano Door Bell

Source: Li Jianye

Because details matter.

16. Spherical Umbrella

Source: yamuhaton

No one can ever violate your personal space again.

17. Shower Mic Sponge

Source: Amazon

Makes singing in the shower all the more fun.

18. Holding Hands Mittens

Source: Oeuf

This actually makes for a sweet gift.

19. Corner Picture Frames

These are great for small spaces.

20. Cutting Board Bird Feeder

Source: Curro Claret

Nothing goes to waste, thanks to this product.

21. Umbrella With Goggles

The simple tweak makes a big difference.

22. Goalpost Chair

Here’s another house party must-have.

23. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Nobody likes lunch thieves.

24. Coffee Mug Iron

Can’t say no to saving energy.

25. Weight-Watching Belt

This should help keep the weight off.

26. Roller Buggy

Source: Pix Studio

Making parents’ lives a whole lot easier.

Which of these weird but useful inventions are you thinking of getting? Let us know in the comments below!

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