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The Driest Place On Earth is Now Covered With Rare And Beautiful Pink Flowers





The leaves have grown, the withering flowers bloom, the gray skies give way to a brighter sun, the sunset turned into a night full of stars and rain has finally come to the deserts reminding us that there is beauty, hope and life in everything.

Meanwhile, a breathtaking beauty recently envelops the Atacama Desert in Chile due to a year’s worth of extreme rainfall. The desert which is dubbed as the “driest place on earth” is now awash with color as beautiful pink flowers bloom giving the place new hope and life.

Historical rainfall moved through the region in March which caused catastrophic flooding with 0.96 inches of rain in one day and also led to the “most spectacular blossoming of the past 18 years.” Although it doesn’t seem much, it was said to be a huge rainfall for the desert–over 14 years in one day.

The arid Atacama desert has become a malva or mallow-colored flower carpet, usually coinciding with El Nino.

“Flower blossoms like this only happen roughly every five to ten years due to how scarce rain is.”


Photo credit: Mario Ruiz/EPA
“The Atacama Desert is one of the few spots in the entire world that experiences flower blooms of this nature.”


Photo credit: Mario Ruiz/EPA
It is said to only last until early november..


Photo credit: Carlos Aguilar/AFP/Getty Images
before the flowers start to wither and the landscape returns to normal.


Photo credit: Carlos Aguilar/AFP/Getty Images
No wonder people are traveling to this spectacular place to appreciate its beauty.


Photo credit: Mario Ruiz/EPA
Indeed, it’s a sight to behold.


Photo credit: Carlos Aguilar/AFP/Getty Images
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