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Wife Still Receives Valentine’s Flowers From Dead Husband 8 Years After His Death

Her husband died in 2012, but she still keeps on receiving flowers every Valentine’s Day, with his heartfelt messages.

  • Rich Cox passed away in 2012 after suffering from throat cancer.
  • Tracey, her wife still receives flowers on Valentine’s Day and her birthday, which is a day apart.
  • Tracey’s daughter revealed that before her dad died, Rich told her and the three other siblings about his “secret plans”.
  • According to the daughter, her dad is the type of man who is always full of surprises.

“Tracey, even though you can’t see me, I am always here. I love you. Love Rich.” This is just one of the many love notes that 61-year-old Tracey Cox of Georgetown, Kentucky received in one of the many flowers she received from her husband since he passed away in 2012.

Before Rich died of throat cancer in 2012, he made sure that his wife, Tracey, is reminded of his undying love for her.

True enough, Tracey is still receiving set of flowers on Valentine’s day and her birthday to this very day.

Tracey shared that at that time, she was shocked when she received the first flower delivery a year after her husband died. She recalled that the moment was too emotional and she found comfort about knowing that Rich “will always be with her”.

She has always been thankful for everything Rich did when he is still alive. At that time, she thought that the flowers will be the first and last gesture from her husband, but little did she know that more will be on the way.

Tracey’s daughter, Bethany, confirmed that the flower surprises will not stop anytime soon. She also admitted that her dad, Rich, told her and her other siblings about his “secret plan”.

“A true love story,” Bethany added.

Upon learning it, Bethany said she was not that surprised when Rich told her about his plan. After all, because his dad is the type of person who loves surprises. Her dad is “the role model of a man” that every woman would dream of being with, she said.


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