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Python Believed to Suffer Remorseful Death After Swallowing a Porcupine

This large snake literally bit off more than it could chew!

Bernadette Carillo





Although Africa has always been a popular tourist destination for its mystical dessert safaris and wild reservoirs, its exotic and rare species are also taking the spotlight by storm.

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Lake Eland Game Reserve in South Africa is known for its cinematographic ambiance and tranquility. But just recently, a giant snake known to be a python was found lifeless at its rocky ledge. Upon noticing the incredibly visible figure shaping its stomach, experts believed that the last meal may have been the cause for its remorseful death.

A huge python was found lifeless at its rocky ledge of Lake Eland Game Reserve.


Game keepers cut the dead four-metre African rock python open and was surprised to extract the digested 30lb-porcupine. Many believed that Mr. Spikey must have at least tried to defend himself by puncturing the snake’s insides with its razor-sharp quills.

When game keepers cut open the python, a bloody 30lb porcupine greeted them.


The snake’s innards had been lacerated by dozens of quills perhaps during the digestion process.

python left

head python

Although Reserve General Manager Jennifer Fuller said that the exact reasons for the snake’s death are unclear, one potential cause might be the lodging of the porcupine’s quills inside the digestive tract.

python on the ground

“We don’t know if it died beforehand or whether the fall drove some of the quills into its digestive tract”, shared Fuller.

opening a python

While a porcupine’s indestructible sharp quills remain a threat to its predators, experts assumed that the python relied on the thermal or chemical sensory mechanisms to ambush poor spikey before the break of dawn.

last pic python

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Source: DailyMail

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Poisonous Fake Rice From China is Now Exported To Several Asian Countries.

Plastic-tainted rice from China is reportedly spreading across Asia.

Jessa Ventures



Rice has been part of every Asian meal. In East and Southeast Asia, rice is included in their daily consumption and is usually cooked plain. A variety of rice has also been known in Eurasian continent like Western Asia and Europe which is mostly cooked with flavoring. Indeed, rice has been a staple food for several countries around the world.

Meanwhile, the issue spreading online about the 'fake rice' from China is quite alarming. Rumor has it that this plastic-tainted rice is now said to be exported to other Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Vietnam and recently, Singapore. Although it is not yet proven true, further investigations are being done to ensure the consumers' safety.

Fake Rice from China is now said to be exported to other countries across Asia.


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China Cancels Dog Meat Festival!

An online campaign against the inhumane practice forced local Chinese officials to cancel the festival.

Ann Moises



Dog's get happy, sad, mad, and frightened; some tremble in fear when they know they're in danger. Then I imagined what it must have been like during the "Jinhua Hutou Dog Meat Festival" or Yulin Festival (a 600-year old tradition practiced in China every October) and it's almost as if I can hear thousands of helpless dogs howl and cry in pain and fear as merchants slaughtered them in the market.

Warning: This article contains graphic images.

Back in the old days, the locals used to bring cooked dog meat and sell them in the market during the annual temple fair. But rumors spread that the merchants poison the dogs.

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Restaurant Manager Denied Service to a War Vet and His K9 Just Before Memorial Day!

The Houlihan’s manager had forgotten what a Memorial Day is for.

Ann Moises



It's difficult to understand the challenges a soldier has to face every day after being exposed to the dangers and the horrors of war. Not unless you've actually been there and have experienced what they've experienced first hand. Because despite their rigorous training, I don't think anyone is really ever prepared to die or to take another man's life.

To wake up every morning not knowing if it'll be your last or if you'll still be able to come home alive and in one piece? Imagine living your life like that every day.

Soldiers have to fight their inner fears and loneliness to protect our nation.  They selflessly do that so we can all sleep soundly at night knowing that there are no hostiles trying to take away our rights and our freedom. For all the sacrifices these soldiers have done for us, the least we can do is to honor and support them, particularly those who have been physically, emotionally, and psychologically scarred by war.

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