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One Crate Contains Puppies, The Other Has Kittens. Now They Meet Each Other For The First Time!

Prepare to die from cuteness overload!

Mark Andrew





Cats and dogs, as they say, are natural enemies thus the common expression “You fight like cats and dogs.”

Although some households have successfully raised canines and felines under one roof, there is a scientific behind their animosity against one another. Besides, dogs love to chase anything that runs from it and so they often view cats as preys. Also, cats and dogs are both hunters by nature although their preferred hunting techniques are dissimilar.

So yes, natural enemies.

But could the same be said when we let them meet each other while they’re young and innocent?

In this video, we get to see what happens when puppies and kittens meet each other the first time.

puppies-meet-kittens-first-time 1

Photo credit: BuzzFeed Video

Well, we get the answer in this absolutely adorable experiment from BuzzFeed Video.

As the picture above shows us, we have two crates here – one of which contains puppies while the other contains kittens. The two women open them up and then leave the animals for themselves.

Go hit the play button and watch what happens next:

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Unsurprisingly, the less than 2-minute video has become a smash hit on the web, racking over 5 million views in just 3 months.

YouTube user Hyezul commented:

“I’ve never squealed so much at a video before.”

While Imma Smiler complained:

“TOO SHORT!! I COULD WATCH THEM FOR HOURS!! (seriously make a longer version)”

Whether you’re more of a dog person or a cat lover, I’m sure you’ll find this short clip really, really interesting. Their reactions are simply so much fun to watch!


H/T: BuzzFeed

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