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Worried, Protective Dog Gets Accidentally Blown Up In The Face By A Firecracker

That could also be a child.


New Year’s Eve is just a day away and most people usually welcome the New Year by lighting up firecrackers. It’s already given that people should be extra cautious when dealing with firecrackers, especially if there are children and pets around. Otherwise, the situation could go bad, just like how it went for this poor dog.

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A dog got accidentally blown up by firecracker after a man lit one up in their own backyard. The tragic and horrific scene was all caught on camera.

This man started to light a firecracker.

With this worried dog lurking from behind.

Once the man finished lighting up, the dog immediately ran towards the site where the firecracker was.

It is presumed that the dog in the video, which is a German Shepherd, may have had its protective instincts kicking in. Dogs are usually scared of fireworks but this one wasn’t.

The moment the man finished off lighting the firecracker, the dog immediately went to the scene to check it out, only to have the firecracker blow up on its face. As tragic and graphic the scene may be, this should serve as a reminder to always be careful when it comes to handling firecrackers.

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Before lighting one for this New Year, always check your surroundings and make sure that the coast is clear. This is extremely important to keep in mind especially if you have kids and pets who can be curious of most things.Being careless around firecrackers will obviously result in injury – and in the case of the dog in the video, death of a beloved pet. What happened to that poor dog could happen to a child as well. Watch the video below.

WARNING: GRAPHIC video ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.

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