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10 Proofs That Convinced People The Moon Landings Were A Hoax

Gathered by the theorists, examine the evidence and see if NASA really staged the moon landings.

Apparently, not everyone in this world believes that the moon landings are true. The theory suggests that the US government staged everything in order to win the space race against Russia. And over time, this “conspiracy theory” has grown in popularity. In fact, 20 percent of the Americans, according to a recent survey, believe that NASA never landed on the moon.

While this continues to be debated up to this day, it cannot be denied that evidence gathered by conspiracy theorists are quite interesting. In this list, we present to you said evidence suggesting that the moon landings were merely faked.

#10. The Waving Flag

Moon landing deniers pointed out that when the landing took place – which was televised, by the way – the American flag can be seen waving. This happened right after Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong planted it. There were also photos showing a ripple in a breeze, thus somehow showing a fold in the flag. NASA has since denied the allegation, saying that the flag was kept in a thin tube. This reportedly led to the ripple effect seen by the audience.

#9. Lack of Impact Center

If NASA really landed on the moon, there would have been a crater due to the blast. This could be easily seen below the lunar module which should mark its landing. Unfortunately, there was none. No crater was visible, either on the videos or images shown. NASA gave out an explanation, of course. That this was due to the module requiring only less thrust as it landed in low-gravity conditions.

#8. Multiple Light Sources

Source: Fact

On the moon, the Sun is without a doubt the only strong light source. And with this, all shadows must run parallel to one another. However, this was not the case with the US moon landings. Videos and photos all suggest that shadows, in one way or another, fall in various directions. According to conspiracy theorists, there were multiple light sources and thus suggesting that the landing photos were taken on a studio or film set.

#7. The Van Allen Radiation Belt

In order for astronauts to reach the moon, they had to pass through the Van Allen Radiation Belt. This is held in place by the Earth’s magnetic field, allowing it to stay perfectly in place. But for the deniers, the extreme levels of radiation produced by the said belt should have cooked the astronauts on their way to the moon. That despite the layers of aluminum and protection, the radiation could still penetrate easily. But for NASA, this was not the issue. The astronauts are said to have been transported to the moon on a faster pace. Meaning to say, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong only received a small amount of radiation.

#6. The Unexplained Object

One of the things theorists quickly noticed after NASA released the official moon landing photos was a mysterious object. It can be seen on the reflection of an astronaut’s helmet (as shown above). The object appears to be hanging from a wire or rope of sort when there is no reason for it to be there. Theorists believe that it is an overhead spotlight, which is commonly used in film studios. And if this is the case, then there is a huge possibility that the moon landings were staged.

#5. Slow-Motion Walking and Hidden Cables

Source: Top5s

In order to support the claims about the moon landings being faked, conspiracy theorists had to explain the low-gravity conditions.

And for them, it was simply mimicked by using hidden cables and walking in a slow-motion pace. They even suggest that if you watch the video at 2.5x speed, you will see that the astronauts are walking in Earth’s gravity conditions.

#4. Lack of Stars

This is perhaps one of the most compelling arguments, and it challenges the idea of the moon landings being faked because of the lack of stars. Since there are no clouds on the moon, stars should have been perpetually visible. This is not to mention that they should appear much brighter.

#3. The “C Rock”

One of the most popular photos from the moon landings apparently shows a rock with a letter “C” on it. It even appears to be perfectly symmetrical, debunking the possibility of it being a natural occurrence. Deniers believe that the letter engraved on it was a marking used to identify a prop in a film set. Perhaps a set designer forgot to remove the rock, thus accidentally exposing it.

#2. The Layered Crosshairs

The cameras used by the astronauts during the moon landings had multiple crosshairs to aid in direction and scaling. However, these can be seen imprinted on the top of every photograph released by NASA. Some of the images even appear to have the crosshairs behind objects in the scene, implying that they are either doctored or faked. Theorists suggest that NASA printed the man-made objects over a real photograph of the moon, and the crosshairs served as immediate evidence.

#1. The Duplicate Backdrop

If you take a look at the two photos from the Apollo 15 mission, they certainly have something in common: identical backdrops. Funny thing is, NASA claims to have taken these photos miles apart. For conspiracy theorists, the agency opted to use the same backdrop when filming different scenes of their moon landings. NASA, however, denied the allegations saying that the moon’s size – which is smaller than Earth – makes its horizons appear significantly the same and closer to the human eye.


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