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Prisoners Sing “I Don’t Care” by 2NE1 As They Wait for Killer Cop




  • Police officer Jonel Nuezca has been charged with double murder after shooting Sonya Gregorio and Frank Anthony Gregorio.
  • The hit track “I Don’t Care” by female K-Pop group 2NE1 has attracted attention after Sonya sang a line from the song, before Nuezca shot them dead.
  • A video featuring inmates singing the same song has also gone viral and the uploader said they’re “waiting” for Nuezca.

Police Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca recently made headlines in the Philippines after brutally killing Sonya Gregorio, 52, and her son Frank Anthony, 25.

As seen in a viral video, Nuezca murdered the two unarmed individuals in broad daylight while in the presence of his young daughter. He shot them dead at point blank range and then, according to witnesses, he casually walked away from the scene as if nothing happened.

Victims Sonya Gregorio and her son Frank.

Apparently, Nuezca had a quarrel with his neighbors because of their usage of fireworks. They also had a previous argument about property right of way.

Nuezca confronted the family and his minor daughter angrily shouted at the Gregorios, telling them “my father is a policeman” during the altercation. Sonya, who was hugging and protecting Frank, responded by singing “I don’t care eh eh eh eh er.”

It was at that point that the off-duty police officer lost his temper and suddenly pulled the trigger, shooting the two in their heads.

Eventually, Nuezca surrendered to authorities and reports have confirmed that he will be facing a double murder charge.
Now another video is gaining viral attention on social media.

Posted on Facebook last Monday, December 21, the short clip features inmates singing the 2NE1 hit “I Don’t Care,” which has sadly become Sonya Gregorio’s last words.

In a mix of English and Filipino, uploader Jerald Francisco captioned it this way: “Waiting na sila sayo,” which literally translates to “They’re already waiting for you.”

Watch the video here:

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As of this writing, the 18-second footage has already attracted over 174,000 shares and more than 104,000 reactions from netizens.

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte condemned the killing, calling Nuezca “crazy” and describing the act as “too brutal.”

“You do not follow the law… then I’m sorry. That is not part of our agreement on how we should do our work,” Pres. Duterte said during his weekly broadcast.

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