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Viral Video Shows Off-Duty Cop Shooting Two Persons In Front of His Young Daughter




  • An off-duty policeman has surrendered himself to authorities following his murder of a mother and son in Paniqui, a municipality in Tarlac, Philippines.
  • The case has gone viral online after the video circulated heavily on social media, with many netizens clamoring for justice.

A police officer in the Philippines is set to face a double murder case after brutally shooting his unarmed neighbors. The tragic incident happened in Paniqui, Tarlac on Sunday afternoon, December 20.

As seen in a viral video, Police Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca of the Parañaque City Police Crime Laboratory pulled the trigger several times on Sonya Gregorio, 52, and her son Frank Anthony Gregorio, 25.

[Warning graphic content] Watch the viral video:

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Apparently, Nuezca and the Gregorios had a confrontation after the off-duty cop went over the Gregorios to investigate who was using a firecracker locally called boga, an improvised canon usually made of bamboo, commonly used in the Philippines to make noise during New Year celebrations.

The Nuezcas and the Gregorios also had a previous misunderstanding regarding the right of way which also surfaced during their confrontation on Sunday.

In the video, Sonya can be seen hugging Frank to stop Nuezca from arresting her son.

Things escalated when, at one point, Nuezca’s daughter loudly boasted “My father is a policeman.”

Sonya mocked this by singing “I don’t care… eh eh er.. er.. er..”

This angered the off-duty police officer, prompting him to shoot the victims at point blank in front of his daughter.

Another video reveals the confrontation prior to the shooting incident. Nuezca was seen confiscating the boga. When he tried to arrest Frank, who appeared drunk, Sonya intervened by hugging her son to prevent the cop from taking him.

When Sonya’s daughter also intervened, the 13-year-old daughter of Nuezca tried to pull her away by grabbing her by the hair.

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According to the family of the victims who witnessed the crime. After killing Sonya and Frank, Nuezca and his daughter casually walked away like nothing happened.

Nuezca later surrendered in Rosales, Pangasinan
Investigations later revealed that this isn’t the first time he has been involved in controversies.
Most of his past cases, as it appears, have either been dropped or dismissed.

Philippine National Police Chief Debold Sinas later issued an official statement, condemning the killing.

It read:

“The PNP leadership strongly condemns to the highest order the criminal act committed by one of our police personnel that had gone viral. Words are not enough to assuage the feelings of the bereaved family of the victims, Mrs Sonia Gregorio and her son, Frank. But we assure them and the Filipino people that the PNP does not and will never condone any criminal act of our police officers, in particular the case involving PSSg Jonel Nuesca, as criminal action has already been initiated by the chief of police of Paniqui MPS in Tarlac where subject policeman is now placed in detention.”

In an interview, Chief Sinas also discourages people from taking photos or videos during crime incidents as it could put witnesses at risk. He also advised the public to refrain from posting videos or photos on social media, adding that they should just show it to authorities as these can be used as evidence.

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