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Amazing Street Musician Creates Hauntingly Beautiful Music Using Glasses Of Water





Fact check: You really don’t have to play a musical instrument just to be considered a musician. These days, there are a lot of street musicians who can create wonderful melodies using non-traditional instruments. These folks have proven that all you really need is to have good musical ears and some ingenuity.

Take this guy from Prague, for example. Instead of a “normal” instrument, Petr Spatina uses several glasses filled with water to produce music. And make no mistake about it – the results are actually very pleasing to the ears!

Street musician Petr Spatina uses glasses filled with water to create “hauntingly beautiful” melodies.

street musician glasses of water

Petr’s street performance has been uploaded on YouTube by the channel Street Performers Got Talent! and it has been blowing people’s minds since then.

Watch the jaw-dropping performance of the ‘Glass Harpist’ here:

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YouTube user fReinKo commented:

“Hauntingly beautiful. If anyone ever finds out where I can purchase this song, please let me know.”

On the other hand, an impressed Luffy Mugiwara wondered:

“How does that thing work?”

If you want to check out more awesome street musicians, go check out the Street Performers Got Talent! channel on the said video-sharing site.

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