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9 Popular Brand Logos Transformed Into Female Versions to Honor Women





The International Women’s day is all about empowering women, and recently, more companies than ever have come up with an idea to support the celebration. Creative Equals, in particular, aims to support talented women and promote diversity in various creative industries. Interestingly, the organization decided to replace some iconic brand logos with female versions in order to highlight the issues concerning the unbalanced branding in the media.

Their logos include popular brands such as Pringles, Schwarzkopf, DreamWorks, Monopoly, and Bic. Creative Equals hope that these witty female logo versions will bring out the issues of gender equality. In an interview, founder and CEO named Ali Hanan said that they are not doing this simply to attack brands personally. Instead, they want to show a couple of examples so as to get people celebrating International Women’s Day. Also, through this, they hope to convey the message which is the need for more women. Scroll down below to see how these iconic brand logos would appear if they were only females.

#1. Miss Pringles

#2. Miss Monopoly

#3. Miss Schwarzkopf

#4. Miss DreamWorks

#5. Miss Bic

#6. Miss Bafta

#7. Miss Oscar

Apparently, the celebration of International Women’s Day inspired other popular brands or companies to change their logos in hopes to honor women.

#8. McDonald’s

#9. MTV

Well, this is definitely a huge step to promoting awareness concerning gender inequality. And perhaps these companies will not only honor women by changing their brand’s logos. It is about time they do the work within the companies themselves, such as hiring more women.

Now that you have seen them, which ones are favorite so far? Can you think of other brand or company logos worthy of changing to female versions? Let us know in the comments below!

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