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Women Wear Engagement Rings On Their Pinkies To Symbolize Self-Love





Of all the roles women have to fill — be it at home, with their partners, at work, or at school — they forget what is most important: themselves. At times, they burn themselves just to be able to keep someone else warm.

Because of this, a new trend has been surfacing where ladies put engagement rings on their pinky fingers as a symbol of self-love. It also provides a little reminder that women deserve better, most especially when the going gets tough and self-love is overshadowed by self-sacrifice.

Celebrity Lucy Hale wearing an engagement ring on her pinky finger

Celebrity Lucy Hale wearing the symbol on her pinky

Source: Fred and Far

Why the pinky finger you ask? Placing a ring on this particular finger symbolizes that a woman pinky-promises to herself that she will never forget to treat herself a little better. In Japanese lore, to pinky swear originally indicated that the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger; in short, it is a promise to be taken seriously.

By wearing this symbol of self-love on our pinky finger, we promise ourselves that should we get lost in looking for love in the wrong places, we will calm down and remind ourselves that it starts from within — and that is a fact.

We need to realize and be reminded that we are complete on our own.

We do not need anyone to bring us flowers – we should, instead, plant our own garden.

Source: Fred and Far

It is a reminder to give yourself an extra dose of tender love and care.

Source: Fred and Far

Everything would go well if one would just first love themselves. It is one of the best investments. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Self-love is the greatest empowerment. Knowing you do not have to rely on someone is a brightening feeling, for you do not need anyone else’s validity of your worth. However, this does not mean that you are to exclude others. The engagement ring can go hand in hand with another engagement ring and wedding ring on the ring finger.

“I am completely obsessed with this concept, a self love pinky ring!! As you know I am very happily married but it wasn’t always that way. I was married before and I can tell you that if I did not find self love I would not be the person I am today, the mother I am today, the wife I am today or have the marriage I have today.”

Choose yourself, always, all ways — even if someone else would not, even if no one else will not. Choose to love yourself.

Source: Fred and Far
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