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This Useful Tool Ensures That Pregnant Passengers In South Korea Always Gets Train Seats





With the use of pink lights, Busan, South Korea is making sure pregnant women can always find seats each time they ride the train.

Being the second largest city in the country, Busan’s subway is always busy and so they thought of a way to ensure that pregnant passengers never run out of seats. A new wireless scheme with pink light alerts has been designed to inform passengers that a pregnant woman has just boarded the train. This, of course, is a signal for the other passengers to give up priority seats.

South Korea’s Pink Light Campaign makes it possible for pregnant passengers to get priority subway seats.

pink light campaign south korea 2

Source: YouTube

This simple solution prevents the awkward situation of women having to ask other passengers for a seat. Or that scenario when some passengers have to guess if a woman is pregnant or not.

The system has already been tested by 500 women in Busan City, South Korea.

pink light campaign south korea 1

Source: YouTube

The Pink Light Campaign has already been tested by 500 women for more than 5 days.

Watch this video and find out how it works:

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Suh Byung-soo, mayor of Busan, said:

“Consideration for pregnant women should prevail and they should be able to use public transportation more easily and conveniently with this policy.

“Women should be able to use city facilities easily even when they are expecting.”

“Women should be able to use city facilities easily even when they are expecting,” said Suh Byung-soo, Mayor of Busan.

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Source: YouTube

Lee Gyeong-eon, a 23-year-old student, agreed that the tool can be helpful and shared:

“It is hard to tell if a woman is pregnant, and give up a seat, when she doesn’t have a baby bump.”

The campaign is not without its critics, however, as Ellie Gibson of the British Scummy Mummies podcast said that it “feels a bit like an overly complicated solution to a simple problem.”

She also added:

“I found the level of attention embarrassing when I wore a ‘Baby on board’ badge – I’m not sure how comfortable I would feel with pink lights going off when I got on a train.”

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