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South Korea Bans Year-End Parties Amid New Surge of Covid-19 Cases




  • South Korea officials announced that year-end parties will be banned as the country faces a surge of new coronavirus cases.
  • Stricter social distancing rules will also be implemented soon.
  • Discussions are ongoing about providing new relief funds for the needy.

The government of South Korea has officially announced that year-end parties will be banned as the East Asian country sees a surge in coronavirus cases. Along with this, some music lessons will be not allowed plus public saunas and some cases will be closed.

South Korea has been one of the model countries in dealing with the pandemic but the recent spike has residents and experts worried. Last December 3, 629 new cases were reported – the highest so far since March 1 when they had 1,062 new infections.

Battling the third wave

According to authorities, the third wave of the virus is spreading quickly and so action had to be taken right away to contain the increase.

No parties for now!

In a press briefing following a meeting with health officials, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said:

“Year-end events and parties hosted by hotels, party rooms, guest houses and other accommodation facilities will be banned outright.”

Furthermore, saunas and steam-bath rooms with high mass infection risks would likewise be banned. Music lessons teaching singing and wind instruments will not be permitted as well.

Chung also reminded the public to observe social distancing measures as the country enforces stricter rules.

Discussions about new relief funds for businesses and households hit by the crisis.

Currently, leaders are also discussing about the possibility of providing businesses and families with new relief funds.

“Our assessment is that we need the third crisis support fund … The government will come up with a conclusion on this after discussing with both the ruling and opposition parties,” said Chung.

As of this writing, South Korea has 36,332 total Covid-19 cases, 28,611 recoveries, and 536 deaths.

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