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It Looks Like An Average House Truck But Then It Transforms Into Something AWESOME!

I have no words for this! I’m officially gobsmacked!

For some people, living in small spaces is a challenge. Fitting all the essential features of a house into a tiny space just sounds impossible. But for some, living in small spaces is an opportunity to become creative.

Meet Justin and Jola, a lovely couple from New Zealand who built their house on a truck. If you think there’s nothing extraordinary about that, well, think again. This extremely creative couple designed and built a house truck that transforms into a fantasy castle! It’s kind of like the Transformers. But rather than transforming into ass-kicking robots, this truck transforms into an awesome living space.

It’s like Optimus Prime wearing a brown tutu.


In its compact mode, it looks like a normal truck house. All the contraptions of the house are tucked in. It also meets all the minimum road clearances so traveling is not an issue. But when the truck is parked, all awesomeness breaks loose. From the exterior to the interior design, everything is detailed and well-engineered.

But it can transform into something even more interesting!


This truck was created with a very particular feature in mind.


It can transform into a totally habitable fantasy castle!


Every space has been utilized efficiently to allow several luxuries in very small spaces.


I could stay inside forever!


There’s no apt description for this house but genius.


This is a house truck that you have to see to believe.


Watch the video:

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This house truck is truly an impressive work of art and engineering. It has definitely raised the bar in small space design!

H/T: Living Big in a Tiny House

Home & DIY

He Got Bored With His Backyard Swing So He Tore it Down And Created THIS!

Creativity alert! This man sure knows how to transform a simple backyard to a sanctuary.

Having a sanctuary right in our very homes is such a great idea. Imagine having a place where the family can bond and feel relaxed without having to travel miles or spend lots of cash. We believe that the backyard is the perfect place to revamp for this purpose.

This is why we were so thrilled when we saw this post of a man who turned a simple backyard into a haven for some R&R. Saying that he is creative is an understatement, as we are truly amazed with the finished product!

This was what his backyard looked like before the transformation.


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Home & DIY

Dad Redecorates His Kids’ Bedroom and I Can’t Look Away.

Amazing ‘DIY’ room make-over especially made by a father for her two daughters.


What's so cool about 'DIY' is that it comes in handy every time especially at home. Aside from being cost-effective, a certain artistry and personal touch can be found in 'DIY-ing.' Put all those together and voila! You have your very own masterpiece.

The struggle of those people who are on a tight budget with a minimal and crowded space for a house is very common and is not ideal for kids, older people and growing families. Not everyone can afford a big house with separate rooms for clothes, toys and whatnot so 'DIY' really helps.

A 'Garage-mahal-architect-builder, Maker and Do-er' as he describes himself, Adam Hadlock is someone you would wish to have in your own home. In a matter of 3 days, this talented father came up with an amazing surprise for his two daughters by redecorating their room or a 'DIY' room make-over as he put it. The kids' bedroom is now a playroom too with a unique tree house design. It's also spacious enough for the girls to roll over with their toys and stuff. A DIY' hammock to top it all makes it even better and fun....

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He Cut a Hole in a Can of Tuna. The Result? This Could Save Your Life Someday!

I could hardly believe this life hack when I first saw it!

Makeshift things are sometimes the best tools one can ever have. Aside from taking advantage of its primary use, it gives us a sense of satisfaction knowing we were the ones who made them. Here is trick we found that can help create a light source where there is no electricity. Heads up, campers!

If you have a can of tuna, a pair of scissors, a lighter, and a little piece of tissue paper, then you are good to go. That might sound crazy, but believe us, that's everything you will need! Just cut a small hole on the the tuna can using a scissor, place a rolled tissue paper as wick, and light away! Don't believe us?

Watch the quick video here:


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