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It Looks Like An Average House Truck But Then It Transforms Into Something AWESOME!





For some people, living in small spaces is a challenge. Fitting all the essential features of a house into a tiny space just sounds impossible. But for some, living in small spaces is an opportunity to become creative.

Meet Justin and Jola, a lovely couple from New Zealand who built their house on a truck. If you think there’s nothing extraordinary about that, well, think again. This extremely creative couple designed and built a house truck that transforms into a fantasy castle! It’s kind of like the Transformers. But rather than transforming into ass-kicking robots, this truck transforms into an awesome living space.

It’s like Optimus Prime wearing a brown tutu.


In its compact mode, it looks like a normal truck house. All the contraptions of the house are tucked in. It also meets all the minimum road clearances so traveling is not an issue. But when the truck is parked, all awesomeness breaks loose. From the exterior to the interior design, everything is detailed and well-engineered.

But it can transform into something even more interesting!


This truck was created with a very particular feature in mind.


It can transform into a totally habitable fantasy castle!


Every space has been utilized efficiently to allow several luxuries in very small spaces.


I could stay inside forever!


There’s no apt description for this house but genius.


This is a house truck that you have to see to believe.


Watch the video:

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This house truck is truly an impressive work of art and engineering. It has definitely raised the bar in small space design!

H/T: Living Big in a Tiny House

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