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These Pictures Will Definitely Make You Appreciate your Dad Even More

Parenting is never an easy job. Aside form the fact that it requires a lot of qualifications just to be good at it. Needless to say, there’s nothing more exciting than being one.

Bernadette Carillo





Nothing beats having a new member in the family. While majority of bachelors fully embrace their last moments of singlehood, there is still a bunch out there who would do anything just to build their own family. These are the men who would willingly lay down their cards and look beyond just late night outs and a series of random dates. In short, they are the ones who are ready to kiss dating goodbye and say hello to the world of forever – and by forever we mean commitment to fatherhood.

While fatherhood is a totally new level of commitment and responsibility, men who have become fathers confessed that fatherhood brought out nothing but good changes. Sure, these changes required sacrifices and changes in priorities, but the transition period equated to absolute happiness and contentment. Thankfully, there is a collection of photos depicting the most priceless and memorable milestones of fathers with their precious ones. As it turns out, fatherhood does not really steal one’s masculinity. Fatherhood is everything. And while it’s usually the moms who get the gold medal for good parenting, dads prove that they too, can bring home the bacon!

Fathers get excited too, the moment they look at their newborns.


In the absence of the mother, dads are always the best relievers!


Fathers would do everything for their children, including a VIP pass to an acoustic concert.


Yeah, sorry kids, dads enjoy your company this much to do these crazy things with you. Haha!


No matter how tough they may look in the outside, there will always be a soft spot inside.


Dads will always be willing to carry the burden of embarassment if it means playing with you.


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The Way this Woman Moves Around the Pole is so Mesmerizing

Her suave movements make her look like she is floating on air. Is this still even qualified as dancing?

Ann Nuñez



Pole dancing used to be an art form associated with strip clubs due to its sexy and provocative nature. However, pole dancing is slowly being recognized for its true essence - a performance art which requires strength, endurance, and discipline.

In recent years, pole dancing has grown popular as a form of exercise, as it requires upper body and core strength in order to be done consistently and correctly. Learning how to pole dance is no joke, since complete control of the limbs is needed in order to maneuver the body. This is precisely the reason why this video of Karo Swen, a French professional pole dancer and instructor, is simply astounding.  The way she maneuvers her body around the pole makes the performance look deceptively simple and easy. Her suave movements make her seem like she is floating on air.

Watch her amazing performance below:

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Photographer Captures Man “Walking on Water” in Nature’s Stunning “Miracle”

Is he really walking on water?

Mini Malabanan



Is it a stunning miracle or an amazing optical illusion?

A tourist was spotted seemingly walking on water in Salar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia. The incredible moment was captured on camera by Japanese photographer Hideki Mizuta.

Known as the largest salt flat in the world, Salar de Uyuni becomes a mirror image of the sky during rainy season after it becomes covered with thin layer of water.

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Finally, After 20 Years, Her Mother’s Best-Kept Secret Will Be Revealed On Her Wedding Day!

Back then, adoption was taboo. To date, it has been making the trends with the hopes of encouraging more hearts to adopt a then-complete-stranger to now an official family member.

Bernadette Carillo



It took her 20 long years before her deepest and well-kept secret finally came out in the open. Just when her adopted daughter was just moments away from her new adventure, finally, she could give away the most precious and priceless token of love and family any foster daughter could have from her foster mom.

It was at the year 1994 when Brooke’s foster parents took a huge step in fulfilling the very purpose of getting married—having a family of their own. Despite many attempts, they were not lucky enough to bear a child of their own flesh.

Good enough, they remained open to the idea of adopting a child considering it to be their own. It was then the start of a fruitful family. Then, after 20 years, one of their adopted children was finally getting married and these parents made sure that their dear daughter was not leaving home empty-handed.

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