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Petition Calls To Sell Montana To Canada For 1 Trillion Dollars To Ease National Debt

One thing you can say for sure about America, it’s a land of ideas!

It looks like some Americans are starting to take their national debt into their own hands. A rather hilarious petition is asking the U.S. government to sell the state of Montana to Canada for $1 trillion to “eliminate the national debt.”

The national debt has hit a new milestone, topping $22 trillion for the first time. One way to bring it down, according to a cheeky online petition, is to sell Montana to Canada for $1 trillion.

One of such petitions created on is titled “Sell Montana to Canada for $1 Trillion to eliminate the national debt.” Ian Hammond, who started the petition, wrote in its description that, “We have too much debt and Montana is useless. Just tell them it has beavers or something.”

Although it may be wacky, the viral petition has over 5,000 signatures and counting.

People shared several reasons for signing the petition:

“I’ve been to Montana, and there is literally nothing inside of it.”

“Lol, who lives in Montana? I haven’t heard of that state in like, ever. I even forgot it was a state! Though having a dent in the United States doesn’t look pretty, I bet anything Trump will definitely do it for the meme!”

“I never liked Hannah Montana. Sell her to Canada.”

Montanans also seem to be on board with the idea:

“This Montanan totally supports the idea.”

“I live here. Bring Wyoming with us, but start off by selling Montana.”

Some actually prefer to be sold to Canada:

“I think this would benefit us all and being from Montana and having relatives in Canada I know the benefits of being Canadian.”

“I’ve been a resident of Montana my entire life, and quite frankly I’m sick of the US’s complete and utter disregard for human life. I’ll take Canada’s health care, education, and freedom over the US’s money-grubbing system. Also, Canada gets all of Glacier Park and some of Yellowstone.”


‘Lazy Bulldog’ Surprises Crowd With His Lightning-Fast Speed During Agility Contest

He exceeded expectations and now he’s the internet’s favorite bulldog!

Looks, as they say, can be quite deceiving. As we can learn from the story below, that famous adage applies not only to humans but to animals as well.

One bulldog named Rudy recently proved that despite stereotypes associated with the breed, he can actually be pretty fast. In fact, crowd members watching the Westminster Kennel Club Masters Agility competition witnessed his incredible speed with their own eyes - and now the internet can't get enough of this amazing canine!


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Sony Employee Sends The Best Apology Gift To Woman He Hit With A Golf Ball

No, it wasn’t an attempt to avoid a lawsuit but simply a gesture of goodwill.

There are few things worse than ending an exciting day doing what you love by ending up in hospital - but it actually had a happy ending for one golfing fanatic. Taryn Martsella was surprised when she recently received a package in the mail. But that, she says, is what she got after getting an injury at a Sony-sponsored pro golf tournament.

After being smacked on the forehead with a golf ball, getting laughed at, and taking a trip to a hospital, Taryn, a caddie, has been gifted with a bundle of expensive PlayStation gear from the Sony employee who made the shot. She then took to social media to share what she got from the apology gift.


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Woman Buys Balut Egg And Decides To Hatch The Duckling That’s Now Her Pet

“I hope more people realize how much fun it is to have a duck as a pet.”

Balut eggs are fertilized bird embryos (usually ducks) that are often boiled and sold as a delicacy. It originated from and is commonly sold as street food in the Philippines, and has gained popularity in Southeast Asian countries, such as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. However, one woman had a totally different thing in mind when she purchased a balut egg.

Malaysians usually own some pretty conventional pets, but Erica Lim from Kuala Lumpur owns one of the unique ones. Although having a duck for a pet is already shocking, the story of how she got her best pal made their story even more interesting.


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