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Pervert Flashes His Genitals On A Bus Filled With Women. He Gets What He Deserves!

This is so satisfying to watch!


It is an unfortunate truth that, yes, there are some perverts out there who would take advantage of unsuspecting victims in the most disgusting of ways. Such as this guy in Turkey who had the gall to strut his junk on a woman while they were riding a bus.

The guy had all the clues of someone planning to flash on a victim. Hunched shoulders – check. Big bag to cover his act and private part – check.

One thing he probably did not consider, however, is the fact that the woman wasn’t one who would cower in fear and allow herself to be violated just like that. Also, the pervy dude probably wasn’t aware that the bus was actually full of women.

In Turkey, a man flashed his genitals on a woman. He immediately regretted it as other angry lady passengers slapped and kicked him.

pervert flashes genitals on bus 1

Source: via Metro

So yes, his weird act immediately backfired on him.

As the footage below shows us, this guy absolutely got what he deserved as almost every woman surrounding him instantly expressed their anger by repeatedly slapping and kicking him.

Watch the video here:

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If there’s one thing we can learn here, it should be the fact that it’s really a bad idea to mess with women – especially those who are commuters. They tend to get mad quicker and they definitely wouldn’t hesitate to lash out their frustrations on you if you do something stupid.

The bus driver, on the other hand, stopped the vehicle at the police station. The pervert was quickly taken into custody.

pervert flashes genitals on bus 2

Source: via Metro

According to a report shared by Metro, the pervert tried to escape but the bus driver did not open the doors. To make matters worse for him, the bus pulled up in front of the Basiskele Police Station and he was immediately taken into custody.

Well done, ladies and bus driver. You all deserve a pat on the back!


25 Epic Facebook Status Fails That Will Surely Crack You Up

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With the wealth of information easily available on the internet these days, one would wonder why stupidity still hasn’t been wiped away from the planet.

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Getting High With Scorpions Is Apparently A Thing In Pakistan

The high would last for ten hours – the first six hours of which is described to be painful.

Most people fear scorpions due to their venomous nature, but in some parts of the world, these arachnids are eaten and even smoked. In China, scorpions are a popular delicacy cooked in different ways. But in some parts in the South Asian region, people are known to smoke them.

You may think it’s utterly bizarre, but it’s a thing in different parts of Pakistan. Apparently, the arachnid’s venom can make a person high, ultimately making them addicted to the substance.

You might wonder how someone can smoke this creature. Apparently, the dead critter will be dried out in the sun for hours; there’s also the direct way of burning it alive on coal until it dies. The smoker then lights the dead arachnid on fire and starts to inhale the smoke.

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10 of the Most Expensive Yet Completely Useless Things in the World

Did you know that there’s a pen that costs $595,000? And a chess set for $600,000? You will be amazed at the list of the most expensive yet utterly useless things in the world. Yes, they actually do exist.

To be super, filthy rich means having the opportunity, and actually making use of it, to buy so many expensive things that majority can only probably dream of having. It could be this really cool huge mansion in Spain, or that luxury car you only saw in Fast and the Furious 8. Just name it, and the ultra-rich can instantly have it.

Sometimes though, there are things that may seem “cool” to have but are actually just a waste of money because when you really think about it, they are useless. There are a lot of rich people though who don’t mind the price tag, even when the things they buy shouldn’t really cost them as much as what they paid for.

There are a lot of expensive yet useless things in the market. And it would surprise you that there are still people who fall for them and buy them with just a flick of the finger. We would like to list down every single one of these expensive and impractical things, but we only have room for ten:

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