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People From Across the World Hilariously Try to Replicate Australian Accent.

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People from across the world have been captured trying to replicate an authentic Australian term by traveler Kieran Murray during his six month continent-hopping holiday. Travelling through America, Europe and Asia, the young Australian man decided to make his holiday slightly more memorable by asking people he met to try and convincingly repeat after him, all the while filming their responses.

Despite how simple the term ‘G’Day Mate! How you going?’ is, people from across the world from Eastern Texas to Berlin struggle to come to terms with it and hilarity ensues when Kieren’s new friends attempt the phrase, certainly not without effort, but without any real results. Only a small handful come anywhere close to sounding authentically Australian.


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Some barely seemed to know what in the world he was talking about, while others have come up with some pretty cool versions of their own that would have any native Australian in hysterics. I bet most don’t think it’s that hard to do a good Aussie imitation, but you’ll be surprised at how strange the accent really is. Why don’t you give it a try some time, and have yourself a good laugh!


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Around the world Kieran Murray was confronted with everything from being asked what language he’s speaking, being asked to repeat it a bit slower to being met with what sounds like complete nonsense, the results will undoubtedly make you laugh.

Watch the hilarious video:

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Credits: Kieran Murray

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