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Aussie Fisherman Tells Great White Shark to “F**k Off” And It Actually Worked





How would you feel if you suddenly encounter a shark during a fishing trip? Most of us would probably freak out and feel terrified but no, not this guy from the Land Down Under.

Australian Nicholas Wilks went fishing with David, his father, and to their surprise, they came across a 10-foot great white shark. Apparently, it got ensnared in their fishing net.

Nicholas Wilks and his dad David encountered a great white shark while fishing.

The incident happened in Port Pirie, South Australia where the two spent some time fishing. As they were pulling the fishing net, they saw the shark tangled up in it. David successfully tipped the shark out but later on, it returned.

It eventually ended in a tug-of-war match and David had to punch the animal.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Nicholas shared:

“Apparently the shark hadn’t had enough so he came back, and when he was right by the boat, Dad tried to ward him off with a swift punch to the nose.

“And so the shark didn’t like that very much and went berserk, and that’s when he grabbed onto the net.”

What followed was a tug-of-war match against the shark with David telling it to “f**K off!” and it actually worked as it left them alone.

Nicholas posted the footage on his Instagram account and it immediately went viral from there. According to him, the incident actually happened a year ago and it wasn’t until recently that he uploaded it online.

“I hadn’t posted on Instagram for a while and i just saw it there!”

You can watch the video here:

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The story has since been picked up and featured by many websites such as Telegraph, Maxim, the Lad Bible, and Ask Men, among others. It likewise cemented David’s reputation as a total badass Aussie dude!

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