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40 People Who Quit Their Jobs With a Bang

Quitting a job has never been this stylish!


Everyone in this world has a story to share when it comes to enduring the hardest moment in life. This is most especially true in a job where things can get really ugly. While it is true that the nature of employment differs from one company to another, the unpleasant experience it offers is still the same. Imagine the dull and long hours you have to go through, not to mention the boss who just keeps on shouting every now and then.

Apparently, there are people who have had enough of these ugly scenarios. They no longer give a damn about the long-term benefits and stuff. And do you know what they did? They quit their job and they did it in the most stylish way — the kind that you usually see in movies or TV shows.

Below is a compilation of people who acted out their fantasies and quit their jobs like a pro. Scroll down below and let us know which one is your favorite!

#1. How to resign in a spectacular fashion? This.

#2. This is how you treat an abusive manager.

Source: Reddit
#3. Be careful with designers.

#4. Because quitting is a celebration.

Source: Imgur
#5. One of the best two weeks notice letters out there.

Source: gahduks
#6. Now showing.

Source: peaceman582
#7. This is so lit!

Source: mastranios
#8. Kids, this is how you quit with a bang!

#9. When a retail store worker is sick of everything.

#10. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you my resignation letter.

Source: Slappyjay
#11. Dear Nicky…

Source: Leviathin
#12. Put that white board into good use.

#13. Sometimes, a resignation letter does not have to make sense.

#14. “Have a swell day!”

#15. When your manager refuses to give you your last paycheck…

#16. Again, quitting is a celebration!

Source: dudeperson33
#17. The toilet did the trick.

#18. When you are trying to quit your job but being a poet is life.

Source: springmint5
#19. The entire crew just quit at this local restaurant.

Source: JeremyChrist
#20. Just another resignation poem.

Source: Nickemmanuel
#21. Woohoo!

Source: I_Drink_Pee
#22. Before you quit, make sure to educate your boss.

Source: jeseely
#23. Condolence, sir.

#24. “Have fun with inventory, Pookey.”

#25. That auto responder, though.

Source: keon
#26. Here is your resignation receipt, boss.

Source: yugatron
#27. Now playing.

Source: JTSnidely
#28. You just have to be thoughtful at least.

Source: Imgur
#29. I hope we are still friends, sir.

#30. Just read it.

#31. Keyword: “Hurry.”

#32. You have been warned, people.

#33. Smell ya later, folks!

Source: Shuma-Gorath
#34. Yo, Adam. Check this out!

#35. Too much swag here.

#36. Yay!

Source: IScocozza
#37. This is how you quit with a style.

Source: camel_towe
#38. Wait for it…

Source: theDomenick
#39. Looks like cakes and quitting share the same interest.

Source: markjherman
#40. Eat that, boss.

Well, we bet you got some inspiration here. At least, the moment you decide to quit your job, you know exactly what to do. In any case, do not forget to let us know what you think about this compilation in the comments below!


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