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People Are Calling For Child-Free Zones In Flights





Have you tried sitting next to a toddler or a child who’s irritable or having tantrums mid-flight? In all honesty, it’s quite stressful, right? Well, you’re not alone. Apparently, many other individuals are calling airlines to provide child-free zones on planes.

This might not sit well with parents out there. However, a recent survey by Airfarewatchdog found that about 52 percent of airline passengers would actually pay to stay in child-free zones.

The survey asked the passengers if children should sit in separate zones.

Source: Pixabay

The results show that many are in favor that families with children 10 years old and below should sit in a certain zone on the plane.

The debate comes after a video about a boy screaming the entire eight-hour flight from Germany to Newark, New Jersey. The boy, who was even branded “demonic” by his co-passengers, is seen screaming loudly, running up and down the aisle and scrambling over the seats.

The video has sparked an online debate on whether there should be flights that are child-free. Many customers revealed they are even willing to pay extra to fly on these flights. One possible idea is to have parents sit at one end of the plane and those without kids at the other.

However, many passengers prefer a peaceful flight without kids at all.

Some airlines like IndiGo, an Indian company, have already announced child-free zones. Also, in Asia, AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines already have zones for families with kids, However, international airlines are yet to comment on whether they will follow the new trend.

It’s still unclear if international airlines would try this new idea.

Source: Pixabay

This may just present benefits for parents traveling with kids after all. They can board planes without dealing with people who are not patient enough with children during the flight. They can enjoy flights more without the added pressure from judgmental co-passengers. Also, they won’t worry having their kids filmed and posted on social media.

Watch the viral video of a child screaming during a flight:

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