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Male Penguin Get Into a Bloody Brawl After Coming Home To Find His Wife Cheating


We were told that penguins have the most romantic love stories in the animal kingdom. They brave the endless Arctic winter, the cold, finding that one penguin soulmate. And when they find their mate, they stay together for the rest of their penguin lives.

Penguin husband and wife holding flippers.

Penguin husband and wife holding flippers.

How sweet and moving, right?

Nestling each other's necks is a sign of their love…

Nestling each other's necks is a sign of their love...

But this one video caught by the National Geographic shatters this perception. As it turns out, even in the penguin kingdom, cheaters and homewreckers are present. Such is the case in this raw footage of a male penguin attacking the “lover” of his penguin wife.

Watch the epic and sad footage below:

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First, they beat each other up with their wings. Seeing they are equally matched, they then called up the female to choose. Turns out, the wench is already in love with the homewrecker!

That moment she chose the other male 🙁

That moment she chose the other male :(

Not having it, the husband attacked again. This time, going for the kill by gouging out the eyes of the “lover”. Both male penguins ended up bloody but the female penguin chose her lover again. Defeated and heartbroken, the husband walked away, crying in anguish….

The husband penguin was bloodied and lost his wife to the other penguin 🙁

The husband penguin was bloodied, and lost his wife to the other penguin :(

Personally, I feel so bad for the husband penguin. And I feel sad too that the lovely myth of one soulmate for the rest of their lives is shattered… Sorry to say, but indeed, nothing lasts forever 🙁

How about you, what are your feelings and thoughts on this? Share in the comments below and don’t forget to share this rare footage to your friends!


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This is exactly what happened to a couple enjoying a late night dip in a pool in Africa. The incident is believed to have occurred in a hotel in Kariba, Zimbabwe.

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How The Great Auks Went Extinct After Villagers Mistaken it For A Witch

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No story about extinction is good and this one is not an exception. Meet the great auk - a bird that has been extinct since the mid-1800s.

Also called garefowl, the flightless seabird was part of the family Alcidae in the order Charadriiformes. Its body measures approximately 30 inches (75 cm) in length with short wings that span less than 15 cm. It has a black head and back, white chest, and a characteristic white spot between the bill and eyes; its black bill has about eight transverse grooves. Although it is by no means related to penguins, great auks were called "penguins" back then.

Great Auk specimen in Glasgow.

Great Auk specimen in Glasgow

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