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Park Ranger Comforts A Sad Gorilla That Had Just Lost its Mother





Gorillas and other animals have the forest and the wild as their natural habitats. It is where they live, thrive and settle as families. Just like humans, animals also have a sense of belonging and can get cut too deep when it is separated from its families or group of species.

In this heartbreaking photo we found, a park ranger was captured sitting alongside a baby gorilla that had just lost its mother to poachers. Ranger Patrick Karabaranga from the Virunga National Park in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was seen wrapping his arms around the gorilla’s shoulder as if trying to comfort the animal after the sorrowful incident. In turn, the gorilla seems to respond with the empathy by putting its hand on Patrick’s leg.

Here is the photo:


Photo credit: Getty Images

The gorilla in the photo is just one of the three animals that were left orphaned due to the poaching incident. The siblings were brought to the park after their parents died.

Here is a video report of the incident:

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Illegal poachers and traffickers do not only kill animals but also wound the hearts of the animals’ offspring and families. Although they do not possess the intensity of human emotions, these animals still have the right to live freely and safely in their natural habitats. This photo is just one of the most heartbreaking depiction of what is really happening out there, which we think should stop.

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Credits: CNN

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