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Heartwarming Reunion Of A Gorilla And The Man Who Raised Him





Damian Aspinall, an English conservationist, raised a zoo-bred Gorilla named “Kwibi” like he was his own son. In 2005, when Kwibi was just 5 years old, he was released into the jungles of Gabon, West Africa. After many years, Damian decided to track down Kwibi in 2010. He wasn’t sure if Kwibi would remember him. But thankfully he decided to record the encounter.

Kwibi lead his own troop now, and hasn’t seen a human for many years after he was released in the wild. However, as Damian’s team gets closer to Kwibi’s territory, it becomes clear that Damian’s old friend has no trouble recognizing his voice. This amazing video is one of the most unforgettable and heart-warming reunion between a creature from another species and the man who raised him.

Watch the Amazing Reunion:

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