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Parents Refused To Abort ‘Deformed’ Baby And He Looks Completely Different Two Years Later





Most of us listen to what our doctors say because we believe that they know more about medical matters than us. They even have a degree to prove that. However, there are times that we have to follow our own hearts and guts than the suggestions and advice of these professionals.

Just take Sara Heller and her partner Chris, for example. They were anxiously waiting for the arrival of their sweet baby, and even already given him Brody as his name, only to be informed of a complication. The doctor then asked the couple if they wanted to keep the baby or consider other options. They chose to give Brody a chance.

At Sara’s 24-week ultrasound, they found out that Brody had a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Their baby would be born with this deformation and likely suffer from other health problems caused by it.

Since abortion is being offered as an option in cases like this, some parents take it to avoid making things worse for the baby. Despite the heartbreaking news, Sara and Chris refused to abort their baby boy and decided to proceed with the pregnancy.

Sara said:

“It is OK to be proud of your baby no matter the circumstances. We wanted to change what ultrasound/newborn/first year pictures on our Facebook/Instagram accounts looked like. We wanted to spread awareness of cleft lips and palates.”

Sara added that they had since received incredible acts of kindness. She shared a story where she and a friend were at dinner with the baby when a waiter brought them a folded piece of paper. Inside was a check for $1,000. It read, “for the beautiful baby.”

Sara and Chris put the money towards Brody’s medical expenses and the surgery he needed to repair his lip. Last year, Brody underwent his lip repair surgery and was recovering well. While he will likely have several other operations in the future, he is a happy little boy.

Sara shared:

“This experience has shown us just how strong the cleft community is. We’ve been contacted by people all over the country. they are praying for us and asking us to reach out if we need anything.”

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