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Parents Who Don’t Whoop Their Kids Will Suffer Like This Mom





All parents want the best for their children. They try to pamper them and give them the comforts of life that they did not experience. Sometimes, parents compromise and provide unnecessary rewards. They unconsciously let their children run the show.

No parent ever wants to raise spoiled brats, but due to overindulging and lack of authority, we realize too late that we have raised disrespectful and entitled children.

American families are having a crisis of authority.

Source: Facebook
A video posted by a netizen shows how a mother was being disrespected by her daughter, who was having a tantrum.

Source: Facebook
The spoiled daughter can be seen physically hurting her Mom several times.

There is a transfer of authority from parents to their children.

Dr. Leonard Sax, a psychologist who authored the book “The collapse of Parenting”, explained that the generation of kids today were very much different from 20 years ago.

Children have become disrespectful not only to their parents but also to one another and to themselves. Parents are not setting limits and are letting their children rule them. They felt powerless.

Parents can still do something about the situation.

Hard as it may seem, parents can still remedy the awful situation. They should start with themselves. Think about the time they spend with their children. They should spend more quality time with them and not multitask. It’s not the quantity of time spent with them that is critical, but the quality of time spent. Teach children the virtue of humility. They should not be blinded by their own “awesomeness” because, in the end, it will result in resentment.

Lastly, teach them about the real meaning of life.

It is not just about being rich or having a good job. It is not about achievement either. Teach them about how it is to be a human being.

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