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These Blindfolded Kids Were Asked to Identify their Moms Using Only Their Special Bond.





Science says other senses are enhanced and appear too strong when we couldn’t see. Notice how one can easily identify things in the dark relying only on their sense of touch or how a blind person has even greater sense of hearing. Meanwhile, the instant connection of these children with their mothers is quite natural that it doesn’t require any scientific explanation.

This Pandora advertisement shows an experiment done by mothers and kids. While blindfolded, kids are asked to identify their mothers one by one using only the sense of touch. Each kid then walks up to the group of mothers, holding their hands, touching their faces and hair, smelling their shirts and even nuzzling noses trying to find which woman is their mother. When they finally did, kids were throwing their arms to their mothers for a hug.

Kids are blindfolded to see if they could find their mother solely based on touch.


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Despite not being able to see a single thing, these kids quickly identified their mothers.


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The instant connection or the unique bond between a mother and child is very evident.


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Watching the whole scene is just overwhelming. Looking at each mother patiently waiting in line, others teary eyed while some are smiling–so full of happiness and love. Clearly, all women are unique and the embodiment of such uniqueness is our mothers–the queen of our hearts.

Watch the heartwarming video:

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Sweet! Great advertisement! It isn’t Mother’s Day yet but I suddenly miss my mom. Share your thoughts through your comments and don’t forget to share this post to all women and mothers you love.

Credits: TheOfficialPandora, Buzz Feed

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