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Teacher From Ghana Draws Microsoft Word on Chalkboard to Teach Students

Due to lack of resources and access, this teacher thought of an improvised way of teaching ICT to his students.


A Facebook post has recently gone viral after it captured the hearts of many people. The post features a Ghana teacher who shows odd and improvised methods of teaching ICT (Information and Communications Technology). And just how unusual is it? Well, he does it without a computer.

Originating from Kumasi, Ghana, Owura Kwadwo teaches ICT in a rural farming community. The latter, unfortunately, suffers from lack of basic tools and resources for the field. According to him, every teacher in this world “has a way of presenting his subject to his students.” Teaching information technology without a computer is his way, apparently.

Owura Kwadwo is a teacher in Ghana and is gaining online popularity thanks to his unusual way of teaching MS Word.

Kwadwo is a graduate of Visual Arts, something that he wants to put to good use. He is teaching the basic components of a Word document, but due to the lack of resources, he decides to draw a complete screenshot on the chalkboard just for his students to learn.

He was quoted saying,

I do it to make my students understand what I‘m teaching. At least to give a picture of what they will see assuming they were behind a computer. I do make sure they understand everything well before they leave the class.

Interestingly, his peculiar method seems to work. His students can be seen enjoying and learning a lot from his class. His post eventually stirred the hearts of many while provoking heat in Ghana. Although most people praised Kwadwo for his remarkable work, there are those who have been outraged by his improvisation. They questioned his decision to go to such length just to teach his class.

Owura draws the exact copy of the software for his students to learn.

Being a student of Visual Arts, he decides to put his skills into good use.

For him, this should at least give his students an understanding of what they will see behind a computer.

Kwadwo reveals that, sadly, plenty of schools suffer from the same problem.

His Facebook post quickly became viral, as people from across the world were touched by his commitment and dedication.

Some, though, were more impressed by his drawing skills.

After his post gained a huge following, many have flocked to offer donations and help. Some were laptops and projectors, while others were in the form of cash. Owura believes that this is a huge step towards helping less fortunate schools.

Owura is a living proof that there are still teachers who will go the extra mile for their students. And when the government is unable to provide resources, a few improvisations will surface. This is exactly what he did to these students in Ghana. You, sir, are an inspiration!


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