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I Was Terrified When Killer Whales Swam Under His Paddle Board. But His Reaction? OMG!





Rich German, Co-Founder of the JV Insider Circle and a business coach, had a long time dream of seeing an Orcas in person, which is commonly known as the killer whale. He went to Laguna Beach, California to see different kinds of marine animals, dolphins and whales with the use of paddle board. However, his normal routine became extra special when his dream would finally be fulfilled.

The video showed the amazing encounter of Rich with the Orcas. Beforehand, Rich heard about Orcas spotted in the long beach migrating to south. One afternoon, he noticed a group of boats in the water, he immediately used his paddle board to go to their direction hoping that his intuition was correct. With astonishment, he saw what he has been aspiring to see. He was just a few meters away from the killer whales! Obviously, he was never scared of them at any given time. There were five whales and one even went under Rich’s paddle board. This is indeed an amazing moment that is worth sharing for.

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