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Opossum Miraculously Survives After Being Shoot Twice With Crossbow Arrows

An opossum miraculously survived after it was shot in the head and torso by crossbow arrows.

An opossum was found at an intersection in Riverside, California with two crossbow arrows lodged in its body. It miraculously survived despite being shot in the head and torso last Friday. The marsupial looked terrified and hurt even when it was found trying to remove the crossbows from its body.

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services said that the crossbows struck the side of the body of the opossum and just above his right eye. A caller found the marsupial and immediately reported it to officials. The department did not delay and went straight to the location of the animal.

This opossum got shot with two crossbows.


According to Sgt. Cynthia Lee of the Animal Services, “The animal was very alert and you could tell it was trying to remove the arrows itself. The opossum was grabbing the arrow on its side,” she stated at a news release.

The animal was found trying to remove the crossbows from its body.

The animal was found trying to remove the crossbows from its body.

The opossum was taken to the county’s Western Riverside County Animal Shelter located in Jurupa Valley where the marsupial underwent surgery right away. Luckily, the marsupial was strong enough to survive the surgery. The veterinary staff was able to successfully remove the crossbow arrows from the body of the opossum. The animal is now recovering under the watchful eye of the animal shelter.

The animal underwent surgery immediately.

The animal underwent surgery immediately.

Officials of the animal shelter later on released photos of the opossum before and after the surgery. People are outraged at what they say, saying the act was utterly despicable and terrible. Animal Services Director Robert Miller issued this statement on the incident, “No animal, whether it’s a domesticated dog or cat, or a part of our wildlife, deserves to be treated in such a cruel manner.”

The department of animal services have since started to investigate on the incident of animal cruelty. As of this writing, the marsupial is recovering quite well and the animal center is also ensuring that the opossum gets better from shock, too.


These Paddle Boarders Had the Best Boarding Experience Ever

This is what happens when you go on a vacation to Hawaii and a humpback whale decides to show up.

There’s a vacation in Hawaii. And then there’s a vacation in Hawaii with the greatest experience of having a whale jump right in front of you. Talk about going on the best vacation ever. These two lucky paddle boarders had the greatest magical experience of having an orca follow them around and well, breach on their peaceful break.

The paddle boarders, a guy and a girl, were off the west coast of Maui when the orca, or humpback whale, decided to breach and make an appearance right in front of them. The said area is very famous for the presence of whales and whale sightings by tourists. This event happens a lot during the winter months. There are more than 10,000 whales that spend their winters at the areas of Maui, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe and Molokai. They reside in these areas for mating and calving season.


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These 5 Countries Dump More Plastic In The Oceans Than The Rest Of The World

This is something truly alarming.

A new report recently surfaced on the internet claiming that about 60% of the plastic debris found on the ocean actually originated from five Asian countries namely, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Perhaps even more disconcerting is the fact that, based on the study released by McKinsey and Co.’s and Ocean Conservancy, most of the plastic dumped into the ocean actually comes from land – not from fishing boats or cruise ships....

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25yr Old Bride Didn’t Expect This Surprise From Her 80yr Old Husband On Their First Night

A 25-year-old woman married an 85-year-old man. She wasn’t expecting much for their wedding night, but she was wrong.

We’ve heard of news of May-December marriages happening here and there. We’ve never heard of what happens on the wedding night, however.

You can’t not actually be curious as to how it will be for the couple at the wedding night, right? After all, we’re talking about an elderly who might not even remember how to have sex anymore!

This 25 year old bride wasn't expecting much from her 80 year old husband on their wedding night.


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