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What Happens When You Put an Onion on Your Ear Overnight

Onions are natural antibiotics.

Did you know that onions can cure ear ache?

Onions are known to be a natural remedy for a myriad of illnesses and one of its benefits is relieving ear ache. Ear ache, which is usually caused by infection, can actually compromise our productivity as adults and is actually a major source of discomfort for children.

However, there is no need to worry about curing ear pain even at a time when we can’t go out to the drugstore. A good, cheap, and natural antibiotic is the onion which can be found in our kitchen cupboards. It’s actually safe and effective and has been used as a go-to remedy for ear ache for many centuries now.

All you need to do is extract its juice out, put some inside your ear, and leave it overnight. Just do this and you’ll have no more ear aches when you wake up the next morning!

So if someone in your household is experiencing that pain in his ears, just get some onion in your kitchen. I’m sure they’d be glad you have one in stock.

Watch how you can turn onion into a natural ear ache reliever here:

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