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7 Different Ways To Chop An Onion





Onions. I love them on my food but I really hate chopping them. They often make my eyes cry. For that very reason, I try to skip this chore as often as I can and simply let my wife do it most of the time. She’s an expert at it, believe me.

So when I first encountered this video on YouTube, I was like “Hey, this might be my chance to impress the wife about handling an onion for once.” I know I’m not a good cook but the idea of learning seven different chopping techniques seemed too tempting to resist.

So I immediately clicked the link and played the darn clip.

To my surprise, this wasn’t anything like those thousands of helpful hack videos on the said video-sharing site. It was all a gag and it truly caught me off my guard!

As you will see on the video, the first chopping technique is done just like the way you would normally dice this little vegetable. The next one, however, made me crack up as the onion was thrown on the wall – and things escalated quickly from there. My favorite is #6. Even onions couldn’t stand Nickleback’s music!

Go watch the video here:

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As it turned out, this was from a series of funny videos by You Suck At Cooking.

“7 Ways to Chop an Onion”” was posted on their channel just last July 2, 2015 but has since went viral with more than a million views and counting.

Check out You Suck At Cooking’s official YouTube channel for more awesome stuff.


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