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This Japan Hotel Is The World’s Oldest, Operating For More than 1,300 Years

There’s one particular reason why guests just love this hotel.


It was once thought that the Hoshi Ryokan, which was constructed in 718 A.D., was the oldest operational hotel in the world, until it was realized that there was a much older hotel – Nishiyama Onsen Keiunan, built in 705 A.D and located in Hayakawa village in Japan.

This year, the hotel is now 1, 311 years old. The inn has been operational ever since and only closed down during renovations. The business has been operated by all 52 generations of the descendants of Fujiwara Mahito.

On the inside, you can expect a traditional Japanese interior design, but guests can enjoy a modern type of accommodation. People from all walks of life have stayed in the hotel including samurai and politicians, and all are after one thing – the hot springs.

This is Japan’s Nishiyama Onsen Keiunan, the oldest hotel in the world listed in the Guinness World Records.


Source: RocketNews24
There have been 52 generations handling the hotel.


Source: Keiunkan

Hotel staff members always make sure that their guests are accommodated well. The friendly people that serve the guests are among the jewels of the hotel. The hotel boasts of its amenities and staff but not much has been said about its family history.

It seems that the family’s expertise and experience in handling organization and delivering excellent service are the tricks to the hotel’s long life.

Last renovated in 1997, the hotel offers 37 rooms. Each room has traditional Japanese interior design.


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These are the traditional Japanese meals you get to enjoy during your stay there.


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But people flock the area mainly because of one thing – the hotel’s hot springs.


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The baths inside and outside the inn are fed by hot springs.


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There’s even a fountain found at the entrance, and this one is fed by the hot springs as well.


Source: RocketNews24

This is definitely the hotel you should include in your bucket list.

H/T: Fortune, DailyMail


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