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13 Photos That Were “Photoshopped” Long Before Photoshop Existed.





Fake photoshopped images can be found everywhere on the internet. From fake tsunamis and fake architectural structures to fake people and fake Messiahs, there’s no limit to what hardcore photoshop skills can do.

But before the age of the internet and of fake, viral, and photoshopped images came these fabricated vintage photos. Back then, given the less advanced technology, whoever made these pictures must have been so creative and crafty to be able to come up with something like this.

Check out the weird photos below:

#13. An Insane Balancing Act, 1930

Unidentified American artist Man on Rooftop with Eleven Men in Formation on His Shoulders ca. 1930

“Look, Dad, a human wheel!”

#12. Two-Headed Man, 1855


The person behind this photo used double exposure to create an illusion of a man with two heads.

#11. Angus McBean, Christmas Card, 1950


Imagine receiving a Christmas card with a photo like this. This, in fact, is a self-portrait.

#10. Man Juggling His Own Head, 1880


That is one gruesome juggling.

#9. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Maurice Guibert, 1900

Maurice Guibert (French, 1856-1913) Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec as Artist and Model ca. 1900

This double portrait of a famous painter and Moulin Rouge patron was created by combining negatives.

#8. Dream No. 1: Electrical Appliances for the Home, Grete Stern, 1948


I think it’s kind of freaky to keep this base lamp beside the bed. I’m afraid it’ll come alive and walk all over me while I sleep.

#7. Room with Eye, Maurice Tabard, 1930


I’d choose the freaky base lamp over this creepy eye in the wall.

#6. A “spirit” photograph, John K. Hallowell, 1901


Photo credit: Library of Congress

“Spirit photos” became famous in the late 19th and early 20th century. Seances were popular activities during that time, and photos like this were used to swindle people. This photo, in fact, is a mere composite image.

#5. Dirigible docked on Empire State Building, New York, 1930


Back then, dirigibles, like this one, were expected to become the ‘transportation of the future.’

#4. A Powerful Collision, 1914


This is a photo that shows a German soldier crushing a Russian, French, and British soldier. Talk about German propaganda.

#3. Cloud Study, Light-Dark, Gustave Le Gray, 1856

Gustave Le Gray (French, 1820-1884) Cloud Study, Light-Dark 1856-57

This amazing photo was created by combining the negative of two photos: one that shows the sky and one that shows the sea. The different exposure of the two separate photos created this dramatic effect.

#2. Lenin and Stalin in Gorki in 1922

Unidentified Russian artist Lenin and Stalin in Gorki in 1922 1949

This photo of Lenin and Stalin was retouched, thus the painting-like effect. Stalin’s skin was smoothed and his left arm was lengthened.

#1. General Grant at City Point, Levin Corbin, 1902


Photo credit: Library of Congress

Three photos were combined to create this eerily realistic composite image of General Grant during the Civil War: one for the head, one for the body and the horse, and one for the background.

Judging by these photos, photo editing is not something new. It just became easier to do these days, with the help of computers and different software and applications. Who knew that they can do these stuff 100 years ago? Well, I definitely had no idea until now!

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