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An Old Nissan Car Sold for More Money Than a Brand-New Lamborghini




  • The Datsun fetched $310,000 (£240,450) at an online auction.
  • It was described as “the most original Datsun 240Z in existence.”
  • The car was kept in pristine condition and still retained most of its original parts.

Even those who do not know much about cars know that a Lamborghini costs way more than a Nissan, or any other Japanese car for that matter. But an old-model Nissan was recently bought for more than the worth of a brand-new Lamborghini.

The old Nissan in question is actually a vintage Datsun 240Z, which is almost 50 years old and was kept in pristine condition. The ride was listed on Bring a Trailer online auction site and fetched $310,000 (£240,450) on February 5. In comparison, a new Lamborghini costs around $200,000.

The car that’s worth more than a brand new Lambo.

The five bidders fought fiercely for the Datsun. They were willing to pay at least $170,000 for the vintage car. Normally, the car can be purchased at just around $50,000.

So, what made this old Nissan so special? It was its near-perfect state, which a valuation information analyst at Hagerty (an insurance company that specializes in classic car insurance) described as “the most original Datsun 240Z in existence.”

Here’s the lowdown on the Datsun’s value:

It only has 21,750 miles on the odometer (which equals to roughly 435 miles per year over the course of the vehicle’s life).

The exterior is impeccable; it was only driven on sunny conditions. The paint job – with the white rocker stripes – is all original.
The interior is just as immaculate – with brown vinyl upholstery, z-branded floors to match.

The arm rests, rear panels, and seat belts still sport the original protective plastic.

The distributor is the only thing altered in the car. It was converted to electronic ignition. It still has its original 2.4-litre inline-six engine.

According to Bring a Trailer, an owner of a Datsun dealership kept the vehicle and gave it to his dentist son as a graduation present. The car was barely driven over the years. When the dentist passed away, a friend purchased the car, along with his dental practice.

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