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Nissan Invents Intelligent Yet Creepy Self-Parking Chairs To Keep Offices Tidy





Chairs scattered all over the aisles is a common sight in offices. Not all employees have the instinct to push their chairs under the desk; a lot of them just leave the chairs where they left them. It’s not really a big deal, but for the Japanese, tidiness is a virtue.

Who else can think of this genius way to keep the office look neat and orderly? Nissan made self-parking office chairs that will automatically tuck themselves back into their rightful positions.

All you have to do is clap and the chairs will start moving. No, really.


Watch the video:

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Seriously, I think it’s creepy. Seeing the chairs move by themselves is like seeing zombies crawling.

Now the bad (or good) news is that these chairs are not available commercially. Nissan created the chairs as part of their promotion of their intelligent parking assist technology. Shucks.

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